Thursday, July 28, 2011

1st day - Krabi to Phi Phi Island

Finally, it was my long awaited vacation! Have not been travel to overseas for more than a year, that was really pathetic!

After all the countdown, finally, I had started the vacation!

At LCCT, one Nasi Lemak Special at Oldtown~

Busy woman.


Excited! It was our first overseas vacation together!

Ming Wei, meng nan (hunk) No. 2

Another one~ :P

I can sell this picture to AirAsia for advertisement.

It was a good weather for flying~

Arrived in Krabi Airport, got a taxi for THB 350 for one mini van (4 persons), to Klong Jilard Pier, about 25 minutes.
This driver (pink shirt) brought us to a travel agent to get round trip ferry transfer.
Price was THB 800, wayyyyy overcharged. I was in a hurry, couldn't bargain more thought the ferry was departing soon (last trip was 3pm), so I got THB 700.

Reached Phi Phi Island, I saw THB350 per trip is usual price, could have got for THB 550 for round trip.
So, I suggest you to try the taxi company in Orange colour t-shirt and tell me is it cheaper?

Bloody ferry made us waited until 4.30pm or maybe later, then only departed.
So, I had to get beer! THB 60, you can get one for half price from mini mart.

Singha supporting Chelsea and MU.

Reached Phi Phi Island after 1.5 hours, sun was setting.

Big smile~

At the pier.
All visitors must be THB 20 once arrived, as maintenance fee for PP Island.

The dirty side, Tonsai Bay.

Phi Phi Hotel, was supposed to book this, but it was planning for renovation, then did not renovate in the end =.=

So changed to this hotel which gave us maximum satisfaction!

Getting ready for dinner.
Hate this person next to me!


A place near the market for dinner.
Everything is drawn with marker.

Guess what's that up there.

It says: Chen Ling and Ma Ming's honeymoon.

The answer, this is an air-conditioner. Cool right??

Games and books available.

Good food, good taste!

Looking at the menu and playing with my fingers? I looked horrible!
Oh, and this is meng nan No. 1.

She wanted to have picture with the flower.

and her drink.

The "honeymoon" couple. LMAO!

Even the tissue box is drawn.

Graffiti behind me. haha

The chef, the boss, the Thai which can speak Chinese.

Like the dishes.

Forgot what is this.

This is green curry.

This is tom yam.

Mango sticky rice! My favourite.

The tree at the entrance of our hotel.


Steph with Chang beer.

Ton Sai Bay.

The "gay" couple.

Choose any bucket you like.

After dinner, we headed to Loh Dalum Bay, where beach bars and pubs located. They have fireshow there everyday at 10pm.

The boss of Moken dragged her up to the stage, played jumping rope and got a free shot later.

Enjoying my second drink, SangSom, Thai Whiskey.

The show began!
There was actually a man in the middle, I've no idea how he did this.

This is Bella, she's a very cool and beautiful girl.
The only female performer.

This is Ben, senior.

The one standing in front is the owner of Moken.



This is Anu, the most senior and best performer!

Look at the abs!

A row of bars, facing the sea!

Back to hotel at about 12am local time. As the next day we got plans!

She has I'm a liar tee.

I have no idea why I posed like this. Hahahaha

Well, we slept of course later. Next will share about the viewpoint! Which caused me crippled a few days? Hahahaha

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --


The Neko In Dress said...

LOVE the pics! been waiting to see em'!!
can see that you and your friends having a major blasts! ahahahaha! and i especially love the FIRE Performance pics!! So pretty!! <3

blueyfetes said...

Thanks Neko! 2nd day is in progess, wait me ya!! ^_^

Yes, we had fun! It was so relaxing and fun!

Surin Beach Phuket said...

Thank you nice article. Krabi is just a few hours' drive from Phuket.
I am someone who really love white beaches and crystal clear waters on the beach of Krabi and phuket.

blueyfetes said...

You're welcome, thanks for stopping by!

I love beaches too!