Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hi~~~~ I'm still around!

I'm afraid if I don't post anything by today, you all would think I'm missing :P

Well, nothing special about this entry, just simple things that could make me feel happy.

A very very "hot" sunset.

Another evening, the sunset that made me in awe.

The sky colour is like in the movie.

Bring this furball go walking everyday I come back from work.
This was taken after the walk one day. :)

Home made milo ice~ :D

Another happy day back from walk.

Blooming Roselle~~~
Will have homemade Ribena very soon~


After the rain~

Biscuit with strawberry jam. Yum!!

This is Gula Melaka Cendol with Grass Jelly! Super yummy!!

Spicy Seafood Crystal Vermicelli.

French toast with chicken floss.

Coffee something with yam.
Dear friend, have a safe journey in India, wait for your return.

Another very nice sunset.
Find any difference with the colour and lighting?
I got a CPL for my camera!

He looks so cute here! ♥

Spot the grasshopper.

camera shy.

Flower buds~ ♥

Going down...



and down...

9 July, the day of BERSIH.

必胜!Must win! That's how I hope for them.
9 July, was a very sad day for many of us..... T_T

The Nasi Lemak bomb! (this is from Brilliant, name of the restaurant)
Fried chicken + sotong + prawns.

Not really sure what they stuffed in there....

My favourite dessert!! Refreshing!

Ice kacang!!

Lastly, found a picture of baby Jenn!!
Hahahah... I had very little that time and a lil bit blonde :P

It's tough at work..... getting more and more impatient and people getting more insanely stupid. So me, I'm getting crazier and need a break!!

Hope the next few days would be better and I hope this for everyone~ Ciao!

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --

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Anonymous said...

JC - if u continue always to eat those high colesterol food as you've always displayed on your blog, you will not slim down as you wanted.

You need to cut down on these foods and take more healthy stuff i.e. Subway sandwich etc etc.

Cheers + take care.