Monday, August 1, 2011

Phi Phi Island Viewpoint, conqured me?

The next morning, I woke up at 5.30am planning to watch the sunrise, who knew, the sky had brightened up. So early!!!

So we slept a little bit more and got out, but the hunks were still snugging in bed.

My turn to have a picture with the hotel entrance.

The sun was not fully up yet.

Heading to view point.

The Irish Pub!
It was too early, nobody on the street.

Evacuation sign for tsunami.


Did I tell you, there are so many cats on this island??

Got ready to climb all these steps!

Big smile~

My turn.

Luckily I didn't book this hotel, if not I'd have to drag my luggage up the stairs!

Another one, posed for you to take pics.

We found out, to reach the viewpoint would need to take quite sometime, so we decided to wait for the hunks and go together later. So, we headed to the beach instead.

Path to the clean beach, Loh Dalum Bay.

another one!

Calm :)

Low tide, blue sky.

Dead in the day, alive in the night.

The biggest dick on Phi Phi Island. LOL

Just us at the beach felt nice.

Hahaha... cute sign.

The place where at night you get to watch the fire show.

Some villas/ chalets on the mountain, sea view. Nice.


I was far out, she sat on a long tail boat and thought......

Felt good to be in the middle...

Morning birds get worms, I bet this one got fish or crab?

A new and an old.

It's a very clean beach :)

Now only the sun peeking.

Happy girl.

Nice fipper!


Found a pyramid :)

Got back to the hotel and found these cute kittens!

She woke them! LOL

This is the place we had our breakfast :) Bliss

They ddin't have many choices, but it was good!

Cheese and ham omelette!

Fully brightened!

Hunk No. 1.

Hunk No. 2.
Very funny eye brows!!

So, sun glasses were on :P

pigeon crossing the ropes.

They're going for the island hopping day tour!

So we waited for the hunks to finish their breakfasts, and we would go to the viewpoint together.

At our balcony~


Babe and hunks.

Me and hunks.

The couple. LOL

It was a very good weather!

Bare with me, 1 more picture and we're about to go!

Just follow the evacuation route for tsunami to the viewpoint.

Another long way to go....
Still looking fresh.

This was just the beginning.


I felt like I was a mother, with bag and water bottle.

This is the view on the 1st viewpoint.

Stood high to take the pics ^_^

Like an ambitious look.

If I combine these 2 pictures and make them into gif mode, it would be interesting.

Big smile to cover up the tiredness.

The clean side.

The clean side 2.

The hunk a.k.a. photographer.

Take 2.

Artsy tattoo deserves an artsy picture.

Hunk kept complaining that I'm too fair.

Reached viewpoint 2.

The clean side.

The dirty side.

Viewpoint 2 is the nicest.

He took picture of us.

So I took picture of them back.

My babe, very good friend of mine :)

Hunk 1.

It was a very hot day.

So I posed like this and got myself a new nick name, captain.

This is behind the scene.

Another 2 artsy pictures.

These 2 pics also will make a got gif file. Hahahaha

I was pleading the photographer. LOL

Then I threw tantrum, but he didn't care.


With hunk 1.

With hunk 2.

The travel companions!

Take 2! Thanks the French guy, see next picture.

He said he wants a picture of him lying down, and.....


A very funny and friendly guy.

A small rest house, the coolest part.

From the rest house, you get the best view.

My turn~

Advert time for "battery water".
This is actually drinking water, cheapest on Phi Phi Island.
You can get THB10 for 1, or THB30 for 6.

On the way up to the 3rd viewpoint.

small flowers.

dried up.

This looks like chrysanthemum.

Wanted to focus on the insect, but wind was blowing and all pics turned out blurry.
So I had to hold it.

This looks even more like chrysanthemum.

From viewpoint 3.

Take 1.

Take 2.

Like a mountain with head. Hahaha

Stiff smile. Dead tired.

Hunk yelled:" wah! You took this pic and made me looked so big!!"
Another hunk yelled back:" Good what~ then Jenn looks so small!"

Hahahaha... they're funny.

Why the sky is purple?

Going down~~~

It was nice workout climbing up and down the viewpoint. I had SERIOUS muscles pain the next few days >.< I had to walk like an old lady, ouching here and there. I need more serious exercises!

Next entry, beeeee-keeeeee-neeeeee! We went for island hopping! ^_^

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --

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