Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The day I was cooked - Sungkai Hot Spring

The following week, I went for road trip again. This time, I tagged along See Pin's friends to go Sungkai Hot Spring (also known as Sungai Klah Hot Spring) in Perak. It's about 1.5-2 hours drive from KL.

It was a beautiful morning.

The admission fee is RM10 per adult.

If you don't want to share with others in the public, you can get a private pool at RM75/hour.
While waiting for our private pool~ excited!

Superior Klah 3!

It's a jacuzzi pool!
Happy hamster.

The gentlemen.
Mike, u're glowing.

Jian Sheng was like going to do something to Mike.

PPC is really pink now.

It was so hot in the pool!!
Hot weather + hot water = super hot = I was cooked!

Still holding... this was just the beginning.

Don't say you don't have.
See..... bigger than mine.

Go green! hahaha

Don't know why I think this looks like chili padi.

Thanks to this big hat, I didn't get burn.

FAT!! FISH!! Need to be more discipline!!

Foot reflexology.
Hurts and hot.

Trying to "trail".

Mike got thick skin that he didn't really feel anything.


The source of the hot water.

Egg boiling session!

Depends on which type you prefer.

Birds can take the heat from the water?


Our eggs.

Left 2, as we want fully cooked ones.

Can you see the steam?

It's like Sunway Lagoon's baby water park here.

The egg!

Shooooooo yummy!

We went Bidor for the famous Herbal Duck Noodles~

Wan Tan Mee~

The old building.

Vintage ♥

When we got back to KL, Jian Sheng asked, so when would be our next outing? I can't wait now!! Hopefully it will be soon!! ^_^

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --


1$ said...

you should have tried the yam puff at Pun Chun

blueyfetes said...

Ohhh.... actually my friends did order... But I didn't eat :)

1$ said...

the noodles are soo over rated. Used to be good... duno what happened.

blueyfetes said...

Oh yeah.... when I was in...f3, I went there after Cameron, it was nice. That day I tried, just ok only...

Foki said...

Hi! ^^

Thanks for the sweet comment in my blog. I am always glad to hear from malaysian readers!

I hope that you get a very pleasant stay in Krabi with lots of fun and exciting adventures. Be sure to check out Phra Nang Beach, and Hong Island = my two favorite places in Krabi.

If you are up for some heavier stuff, visit the tiger temple. To get there you must climb a staircase with 1230 steps to the top. Bring lots of water! ^^

I like the images in your blog, especialy the sunset ones.

Best wishes to you and many hugs!


blueyfetes said...

Thanks for stopping by Foki!! Didn't get to see this comment until I was checking out my posts awhile ago. I really had fun there! Always love the islands in Thailand~ Take care there!