Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Aquaria fun and Umaiya - KLCC

Hi blog and readers, I just came back from Koh Lipe trip not long ago, that caused the delay and lack of blogging. It was a very relaxing and fun trip, though I'm all burnt and having irritating skin. Shall blog about it soon!

So, I was rewarded for a 3-days straight day off AGAIN because of my hard work. So I dated this tai-tai which is on holiday for 1 month plus to do something fun. We're not so fond of going outdoor, so we visited the Aquaria at KLCC.

The entrance fee is RM35 for adult with MyKad. Do check on the feeding times before you heading to this place!

Once you entered, you will find the Piranha.

They were........ sleeping?

I didn't know they're so "quiet" and steady...

At the touch pool, it's the Horseshoe Crab.
Always see its dead bodies at seashore >.<

Then we went to visit the Otters!
The one on the left looks quite like one too :P

Sho cute~~~~ waiting for the food.
It will follow the instructions for tricks to perform in order to get the food.

I think this is Catfish.

Its shit hole.

The giant water rat!
Looking at it made me feel like sleeping also.... ZzzZZzzzz

Electric Eel!! Bzzz bzzz bzzzz~~~

Bzzzzz..... I faint.

Then we reached the reptile corner, tai-tai ran away~~~ As she got phobia of snakes.

Scary look!

I showed this to tai-tai and she told me it is a tortoise!! OMGGGG


Like a boss yo~

Another boss.

Their tadpoles are freaking disgusting >.<


Hammerhead shark, reminds me of Shark Tale. Hahahaha

Great White Shark, harrow~~

Arrrrrr~~~ I'm so scared ar~~~~~

The Aqua theater!

The most interesting animals, the stingray and turtle. Love them~

So big!

Stupid looking shark :P

Oceanarium, the tunnel~

What is this??? Sotong (squid) ? LOL

Smiley face :)

The Moon Jellies~ sho pretty~~

Cute pup!!
*cannot see, so take 2*

There! Cute not?

Next, we went to Umaiya for luncheon, Kalai came to meet us.

Chawanmushi~~ My favourite~

This is chicken floss topped on potato~~
Not bad, but portion is too small~

Minced meat with taufu! Love it!!

Mentai squid udon. Yum yum~~

Curry Chicken Katsu, average.

Don't know what soup which contains of chlorine taste >.<

Don't order!!

Well, that was a day with the temp tai-tai. Hahahaha... How envy I am and hopefully I am one tai-tai soon... :P

Signing off~~~ Ciao!

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --

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