Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Soaking myself in FRIM again

Wow..... this happened like more than a month ago, I got tired of the city and off to the "forest" for a short while.

It was just a random Saturday, went to FRIM once again after my Japanese class.

Licking a sundae while heading to FRIM~

Water~~~~~~ Fall!!!

The weather was so good~~ clear water~~

A swing in the forest.


This is the furthest I could get to~

"hair" in the water... LOL

A small waterfall, but the water is powerful enough for me..... shoulder massage!


More "hair" found... LOL

Ads time for SGS2... hahaha

This one is kalis air (water resistance) theme?

And this is moss free? LOL

Nature oh~ nature~

Hello fly~ Are you sesat? (lost)

If only the leaf is pink, it will look like an ads for lip gloss.

New life - fern.

Soaked! Damn cooling~~

My own ads. LOL
What's the theme? OL go nuts? Hahaha

Or 傻婆照镜

I was so worried I were gonna slipped and fell.

Quick! Take my photo!


Sun setting soon~

Always turn back and look, admire and continue your journey.

Now it's the ads for Hon Wei's monster.

A perfect pic when he wants to sell his car.

See you again very soon~~~

Sitting under the waterfall, let the water beating my back is really a good way to release tensions physically and mentally. I instantly felt relieved and weight lifted from my shoulders. Speaking of which, I'm feeling the ache from my shoulders and back again. Time to revisit!

Have a relaxing week everyone! Go green! Go healthy! ^_^

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --

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