Friday, March 30, 2012

Koh Lipe Day 1 - Mountain View Resort

Koh Lipe, my dreamland! I finally planned the trip and went there to stay for 4 days 3 nights! It was really an awesome and relaxed trip.

Koh Lipe is not fully developed like other islands in Thailand yet, which is why I like it so much. Like previous post, they don't even have a proper pier... haha.

I booked a VIP air-con at Mountain Resort, 3 nights for 3 people cost about RM800 including breakfast, very reasonable to me.

On long tail boat to Mountain Resort.

Handsome kayaking~ ^_^

Ahhhh~~ such nice view! Can't wait to jump in and swim!

I think this is Lipe Power Beach Resort.

Little girl couldn't wait to swim! So cute~

Water is soooo clear there!!

White girl sunbathing naked.

Finally! Reached our resort.
Bare in mind that this resort is very secluded and located far away from the walking street (main town in Koh Lipe).

Welcome to Mountain Resort~

You have to climb these stairs to the resort.
I climbed 4-5 times everyday when I was there.

VIP 14! Our very own chalet.

With hammock!

This is the view from our room! Not bad right?

If you want full view of the sea, book Deluxe Sea View.

Each with own balcony~

This is the rubbish dump. So cute~

This is the room, not very big, but clean.

The shower area~

No worries if you forgot your toiletries.

Another room type, beach front.
If you don't mind climbing the stairs every morning for breakfast :D

This is how they help customers to unload luggage from the long tail boat.

The magnificent view.

Thai Iced Tea~

Must have in Thailand, Phad Thai!

Tom Yam Kung~

Super clear water~

Beach chairs are available along the beach, but not too many~

Missing this view a lot~

It was very hot and sunny actually~ but I put on filter for my camera which toned down the sunlight.

Hiek Hiek, back from dipping in the water, came back for the camera to take some sunset pics!

It's Friday again, happy Flyday everyone~~~ Get a good rest and party hard!

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --


Anonymous said...

Hi, may i know where is the NEw Start Tour located?any shop nearby?

khon Kaen said...

Great photos of the island I am going to next week. Thanks for posting this as it helped me in researching Koh Lipe.

Daniel said...

Thank you for this post. I visited Koh Lipe myself not long ago. I did find it hard to get a good overview of the different accomodation possibilities on Koh Lipe, so I went ahead an made a site that should help. If you're ever visiting Koh Lipe again. Go ahead and have a look.

Anonymous said...

I had chance to take my wife nude photo on the beach during low season.... Best experiance....