Sunday, May 27, 2012

The birthday girls~

I'm so sorry for the late update! Updated the first hand and hot stuff about the trip to Koh Lipe first.

The March birthday baby~
We had it at Bavarian Bierhaus, The Curve.

Waited to long for the rest, we ordered some starter.
Hot Platter - RM 35.00

Some balls~

Wa~~~ cheese~~~~

Thr Caesar Salad with egg, awesome!
RM 19.00

Honey Roasted Pork Knuckle!
RM 63.00

This looks even more interesting with Kalai's face at the back.

The Sausage Platter! Wooohoo~~
RM 79.00

Happy girl with her cake~

Don't eat the candle!

Finally, cutting the cake :D

The nice cake :)

Look at the ganas face!

Tinkerbell snow globe~

Naughty girl!

The Cupid Tinkerbell~

Another birthday was April baby, Ashley. We had it at Morganfield's Pavilion.

Say hi to the pink Holga!

I really gained some meat huh.... >.<

Chips with some sauce.

All pink >.<

I forgot what is this, but nice!

Caesar Salad again~

Sticky Bones!

Roasted chicken.

Ashley the birthday girl with cake made by Ah Pin.

So creative!

With cute ladybird candle!

More updates soon! Happy family day~ ^_^

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --


Pork Chop said...

THank uuuuuu hehe :)

blueyfetes said...

You're most welcome! xoxo