Sunday, May 13, 2012

Koh Lipe back to Hatyai, I didn't wanna leave!

At last, the day we had to leave Koh Lipe arrived.

I really was reluctant to leave as Koh Lipe is just too awesome!

As usual, I woke up early, then went for breakfast which was included in our room fee.

I love their breakfast. Plus the scenery like this, it became even better!

Crazy hair, darkened face, all worth it.

Ahhh~~ another good day with good weather!

Aunty, ur face is blurred out, no worries na~

Same angle again~ wouldn't get bored.

The Russian mother and daughter.
Both with superb figure~

Before we left Koh Lipe, we wandered around the island for 1 last time...

Beware, NYPD is here!

Captain Jenn on the island! >.<

Beach chairs for two ~♥

Why this looks like with fish eye effect?

Guy in snorkeling gear: Are you ready girl?
Girl in snorkeling gear: Yes I am babybeh!
Guy in sunnies (os): no eyes see.......


So hot! Cap on! With a bottle of chilled Spy.

P/S: I found it horrible and didn't finish it...

2 naked ladies~

Love the tall trees on the island~

The chalet at Andaman Resort~

Their restaurant.

Long sandy beach~

New life!

BBQ'ed my legs~

Made me wanna sing C O C O N U T~ haha

Mama shell and baby shell~

Best friends~

so so so so sunny~

Not sure what is this....

Back to Mountain Resort....... To get ready heading to the pier~

This is the Deluxe Sea View unit~
with your own balcony

While having lunch, saw these flies humping. LOL

Super fresh prawns~


Bring me go~~~

When leaving Koh Lipe back to Hatyai, you have to head to the Pattaya Beach to catch the long tail boat. I pre-bought my tickets back to Hatyai, they give the receipt to someone at the counter, they will give you the boat tickets.

Then I spotted this cute dog.

At first I thought she was being lazy and funny, dragging her hind legs around...

But, she's really handicapped! :'(
See the skin below? No more fur because of dragging on the ground long term...

Smiling big! hahahah
She actually had a itchy back~

She was going around to people, but nobody seemed to care.

I poured some water on my hand, because I sensed that she was very thirsty.
She finished it very quickly.
Too bad I had no food, or else I'd give some to her too.
If anyone ever sees her, remember to give her water~ thank you.

Bye~ sweet pea~

Goodbye for now~

From Koh Lipe back to Pak Barra, took about 1 hour and 30 mins only, they sped.

Then from Pak Barra back to Hatyai City Center, another 1.5 hours.

Next post would be about food in Hatyai~

Oh! Happy Mothers' Day to all the mothers out there!! xoxo

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --


Iksan said...

hi, I am also planning a trip to koh lipe this august, I want to ask about your return trip from koh lipe, where you buy a ticket back to pak bara ? is it the same if I booking round-trip tickets from travel in hatyai? actually you say 600 bath one way....thank you :)

blueyfetes said...

Hi Iksan~

I bought the return trip ticket at the Pak Barra port. There are many travel agents selling the tickets there. So before I left to Koh Lipe, I bought the ticket which was cheaper, including a private sedan to Hatyai city center. I think that was about THB 500 only.

Iksan said...

Jenn...thank you so much...regard :)