Sunday, September 2, 2012

August ♥

August, nothing much really happened, it's all about food and gatherings for now. Sept is much more exciting and busy!!

1. Pasta Zanmai (again)

Yasai Miso Soup (if not mistaken)

It's obvious what this dish is.

Soft shell crab roll~

Cream sauce chicken katsu pasta~ yum yum

2. Italiannies - company Hari Raya special

Dates during Hari Raya is a must

Muah pretty girls in our FLA team.

Thank you Ah Beng for making me looks so small~ ♥

With Pinky Cheeky and Nora!

FLA KL team~~

Plus Adrian.

3. Steamboat with primary school mates

The signature dishes that must have.

Yen Chuan and Lee Li~

First pic Yen Chuan's eyes too small and Lee Li too big :P
2nd pic was good, nevertheless Yen Chuan looks like hamsup ah pek.

best tool, self timer!

4. Sweet Hut desserts

Sinful! Caramel pudding in coconut pudding!

Sesame snow ice!

Mango sai mai lou~

5. Alone time at Watami

All time favourtite scallops!

Fried cheese *(^.^)/

You can eat it plain.

Dip with the jam also can~~ \(^.^)/

Taufu is also a must to order~

Don't think that I'm eating all day this kind of food, only happen during the weekends (sometimes). Good and motivating news to me is that I've lost 2 kgs and weight back to 54 now! Sticking to my diet and routine! Go go go!! I want to be back to 52 or even better 50!!

Happy September! May all good things happening to everyone of you~~ ^_^

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --

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