Sunday, September 16, 2012

"Scam" at Shojikiya 1U (next to Sushi Zanmai)

I always like to visit Shojikiya to get those Jap junks. So I visited them again last Sunday (12 Aug 2012).

I saw these ice creams on promo, 2@RM10.00, original price RM6.90 each. I wasn't sure which are participating, so I asked one of the female shop assistant, she pointed a few, so I said, I want the vanila ones, she got it for me. Then I saw Macha ice cream which my mom loves, I got that as well. So I went to pay (the same girl was the cashier) and left.

When I got home, to my surprise, I didn't get the discount. I got billed RM 6.90 x2 and RM 16.90 for the Macha ice cream (as per picture below). I called the number on the receipt immediately and spoke this guy named Ah Loong, confirming about the promo, then said, u bring back the receipt now, we refund you. All the way back to 1U for your mistake? The soonest I can get back is by next week, he told me, ok can, then quickly hung up the phone saying there were customers waiting.

Ok, fine, today (18 Aug), I went back to the same shop. Another girl, checking here and there, then told me, oh! you got the wrong ice cream, so no discount. And she can't refund me or do anything about it because:

1. I didn't come back on the same day, so that they can exchange it for me

2. I ate the ice cream already. What? You bought the ice cream and price got wrong so have to leave the ice cream to rot in the fridge? No point to argue further, I just told her, nice, I won't come back anymore.

It was just RM 3.80, no point to continue the conversation with this kind of service.

1. Isn't it stupid enough that you guys working there, don't even know what are the promo items then customers have to bare the additional cost?

2. Asking me to go back 1U all the way for your stupid mistake to have the ice creams exchanged? Round trip toll another RM3.20 plus petrol cost you pay me back?

3. Telling me I didn't go back on the same day and exchnage the ice cream and now already too late to change or do anything. So you bought something home, leave it there to rott and go expired?

4. Your fan page doesn't respond to message I sent and you hiding your wall. So I assume you got many complaints to handle?

It's really not about the value, but how you guys handled the whole situation. If I were the one that chose the ice creams, fine, I was blind and stupid to have it mixed up. But you telling me you can't do anything, asking me to go exchange on the same day even after 2 times confirming those ice creams on promotion? YOU SUCK! YOU SUCK BIG BIG BIG TIME! You made it like a total SCAM. PUI!


I sent a message to them via FB on the 12th Aug, I almost forgot about this and got a reply only on the 7th Sept as below:

We are very sorry to receive your feedback as above. Apologize on the unpleasant experience brought to you. We will refund the balance of the ice cream price to you. You are welcomed to visit our 1U stores for the refund. We will continuously improve on our staffs’ training on product and promotion knowledge and handling with customers feedback. Please feel free to give us any comments or feedbacks in future. Thank you very much for your visit!

No wonder the service is so bad. Almost a month later only I got a reply from you. It's really a shame.

Thanks for reading.

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --

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