Monday, September 17, 2012

Introduce you, the 2 naughties - Cody and Abby

It's about 2 months since we adopted Cody then Abby from SPCA after Brownnie passed on. So far, both of them are doing good, but too active, playful, naughty and do not take commands >.<

No matter how, we are still being patient at the moment. Just some pictures I took these couple of months.

The best command he takes, sit!

Staring at something?

He's still thin, but way better when we just adopted him.

Love and affection. Hahahaha

Play tug.

Abby, a quite study bitch.

Good thing is, she's always with this happy look.

There, fat and short :P

A trick that we've never taught her, but she always does it.
Using her nose to push all the sand to cover up her poop.

This is a very rare sleeping position of hers.

This is her normal sleeping posture, which mom says it's ugly.

She always sleeps so soundly :)

Loves jumping up to us too.

Cody: WHAT!! YOU ATE MY CANDY???!! (eyes opened so big)
Abby: (dropped head) so sorry........

LOL!!! Can never stop laughing at this!!

Standard posture to have a belly rub.

Nice tones.



She always has to stand up when we are around.

Favourite picture of her! Looks so cute here~

Even dogs also have teeth problem.
See the uneven teeth? Those further in are even worse.
Don't know what kind of environment she grew up in..



When I see she sleeps, I feel like sleeping too.

Like a pig!

Begging something?

Heeee.... more please~

Abby: And............ more?

The usual "get ready" posture.

Yoda!!! Innocent looks~

Must be excited over food/ treats.

That's all for tonight, good night! ^_^

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --

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