Monday, November 10, 2014

How to go to Sukhothai from Chiangmai and where to stay

Going to Sukhothai wasn't in my plan until I was in Thailand. Sukhothai is located in the north central of Thailand, I got attracted by the ruins of the ancient kingdom and has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Historical Park. From Chiangmai to Sukhothai, it takes about 4-5 hours. 

I think by bus is the cheapest way to travel. There is no travel agent that has the authorization to sell the bus ticket, so you must go to the Chiangmai Bus Terminal to get it on your own. You can buy it on the spot, however if you're a person like me that prefer everything is secured, buy in advance.

First, take a Songtheaw to the Chiangmai Bus Terminal 3. (from old city, the fare should be more than THB 40 per way, the cheapest I paid was only THB 20)

This is how it looks like. 

Then look for this counter, Win Tour.

There are a few departure times that you can choose from, I bought the 11am if not mistaken.
They will provide you a receipt first, on departure day, come back to this counter to get the ticket.

THB 239 for a 5 hours journey is sooooo worth it!

Not a new bus, but the seats are comfy and spacious.
I slept for a couple of hours during the ride.

For Sukhothai, 2 major areas that most tourist will be staying are: old city (Historical Park) and new city (Sukhothai City). Distance between these 2 areas are about 13 KM. Either city, the bus will send you there, at the same price.

I've chosen to stay in the old city due to its convenience to visit the park and don't have to spend again for transportation back and forth, saving time and money. After checking on available rooms, I decided to book Wake Up at Muang Kao Boutique.

Reasons why I chose this comfortable-family-run-only 5 rooms available guesthouse are:

1. Location - the historical park is just opposite the road and lots of food choices available
2. Price - reasonable and it was within my budget. I paid about THB 1200 per night.
3. Good reviews - I've read a lot of good things about this place

The bus arrived at old city about 6pm. A man told me Wake Up is just 200 metres away.

It's a very generous guesthouse where light refreshments are provided for free.

Room is spacious and beds are super comfortable.
Standard room comes with twin beds only, if you want to have double bed, book the Superior room.

Toiletries are provided.

Artsy painting on the walls.

Sparkling clean room!

Bottle opener provided! ^_^

The market which located just 2 minutes walk from the Wake Up.
Introduced by the staff.

1 kg for THB 20, took me 2 days to finish them.
Very sweet too!

Once of my favourite Thai dessert!
2 flavours, egg and coconut.

The making~ yumsssssss~

I've no regrets staying at Wake Up. The location is perfect, price is reasonable, friendly and informative staff, feels like home and superb cleanliness level. Will stay here again if I ever visiting Sukhothai again.

I have only the phone number which is +66 83 489 4047. You can make booking from,,  hotelscombined and 

That's all for now, ciao~

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --

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