Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Cafes and little eateries that I've been to in Chiangmai

During the 3 weeks of travelling in Thailand, I've stayed in Chiangmai for about 10 days. So I've tried quite a number of eateries in Chiangmai Old City. Most of the places I went located nearby Tha Phae Gate as the guest house I stayed at was around this area, Baan Jaja Chiangmai. 

1. The first place I eaten at:

A very tropical place.

All sorts of breakfast they have~

Lots of shakes, different types!

My first meal in Chiangmai, Phad Thai~
A bit too "wet" for me, but it was good overall.
I went there for the mango shake most of the time.

2. A vegetarian restaurant, same row as Black Canyon opposite of Thapae Gate.

Mango smoothie~ oh so smooth!

Pineapple fried rice, quite delish!

3.  Another restaurant that I forgot its name....

Tofu soup with vege, meatballs and glass noodles.

Some sort of fried rice.

Tuna salad. Too much of capsicum to my liking.

4. The Coffee Club
    After some good few days of Thai food, I wanted to have something different, so I came here.     Just 2 minutes walk from Baan Jaja.

Awesome chocolate milkshake!

Fish and chips, with super fat chips to be honest.
The batter is too thick too.


5. Cooking Love.
    A restaurant fills with passionate people and friendly staffs. It's a very clean place, would be 
    the first restaurant to have my shoes taken off. 

A family-runs restaurant.
You have to make an appointment to eat here during peak hours especially dinner time.
The hostel I stayed is just around the corner, so I came here quite often.

Thai Iced Tea, addicted!

Glass noodles, my all time favourite no matter where am I.
Glass noodles in soup is wayyyy better.

Vege vege! Always love my meal with vege.

Free fruit from the restaurant! So kind of them~
Every time I walked pass, they would smile at me too ^_^

Fried rice is good at any time!

6. E-Go House
    It's a good place for western food especially breakfast. With cosy ambience and nice 
    decoration. It's located at the same row as Cooking Love. 

Heavenly Thai.

Ask, if you want the password.

It's not ordinary teapot.

It's a combination of teapot and cup!

Soup with vege, meat and rice noodles!

Not enough, ordered one more omelette. 

This is the restaurant, you can sit outside too if you like.

7. Huen Phen
    Authentic northern Thai food restaurant, recommended by the hotel and also on the internet. 
    Cute ambience, clean and cosy too. It is nearby to the old city police station and back 
    entrance of Wat Chedi Luang.

Be prepared for the crowd during lunch time.

Steam rice.

Fried pork rib, oh so yummy!

This is their traditional dish.
Crunchy noodles in curry soup with some meatballs and meat. Yum~

Oh so spicy song tam (Papaya salad)!

8. Another restaurant which I don't know the name or unable to spot the name. Also a family-
    runs restaurant.

I think this is green curry. Looks ok, taste too spicy for me.

I think I've mentioned too many times that I love this soup.

Wooo.... this is the bomb!
Omelette wrap succulent juicy minced meat, slurppppp~

Very reasonable price to me.

I always go for the local food when I travel and they are always in reasonable price. Chiangmai is really a good place to travel I think as the people are so friendly and so honest! They make me feel like home and also adventurous when it comes to discovering new places and food. It also has a lot to see, especially temples and the night market, can never get me bored.

I'd definitely be back to Chiangmai! During this solo trip, my last stop before I headed home was Bangkok, I think I got culture shock when I arrived. Everything became so expensive and more people that tried to cheat me, thinking I was foreign. 

Next might be the hostel I've stayed.


-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes -- 

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