Thursday, November 13, 2014

Tour around Sukhothai Historical Park by bicycle - Part 1

One of the stops that I looked forward very much - Sukhothai! Before I arrived, I had been imagining myself cycling around this park!

Sight seeing around the park should be before 12pm and after 3pm as the sun between 12-3pm is quite deadly. So I left the guesthouse at 8am, took breakfast and went to visit the park one.

The a.m. part, I went to temples as below in sequence:

Kacha! Same row as Wake Up at Muang Kao Boutique Hotel.

Filled my stomach before the journey!

Went to the bicycle rental shop, just opposite the entrance and also same row as the guesthouse.  I think I went to K Shop.
Rental fee: THB 30/day, return before 6pm.

If you do not know how to ride a bicycle or don't feel like cycling, you can walk, hire "tuk-tuk" or motorcycle. But I'd suggest bicycle and by walk as it's more environmental friendly in terms of air and sound pollutions.

Entrance fee: THB 100 
There are 5 zones in total, each zone THB 100.

First stop:
Wat Mahathat.

It's so amazing that the ruins are kept so nicely.

This is quite a huge one!


Does it look a little bit like temples in India to you?
Wat Mahathat was built with ancient Indian concept of Mandala.


It's quite a big park, situated in the heart of town.

Not so clearly, but daddy is carrying a baby at his back~ ♥

It's a bliss to stay for awhile and enjoy the view.

Second stop:
Wat Si Sawai

This temple was built with Hindu style as some fragments of Hindu god images could be found.

Camera timer is my best friend. 

Also the ruins or any surface as I do not have any tripod.

Next: Wat Tra Phang Ngoen

Matching tops.

The trusty red bicycle that I rented!

King Ramkhamhaeng the Great Monument. 

5th! Wat Tra Kuan.

Tra Kuan, means morning glory.

Wat Tra Kuan could be identified by its bell shaped chedi.

6th: Wat Sa Si.
It's famous due to its location, built in the middle of the  reservoir - Tra Phang Tra Kuan.

Satisfied with this shot :)

Built around the 13th century, I'd say it's really a strong structure and well maintained. 

The canopy you see here was due to some event going on during that time.
I think I saw them playing treasure hunt :P

I went back to the guesthouse at around 12pm as it was getting really hot and I felt like I could faint any time. That's why it is best to visit the park when the sun is not right on top of your head.

Stay tuned for part 2. Cheers!

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --

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