Saturday, February 7, 2009

CNY Open House

It was Friday which meant party time~~~~~~~!!!!!!!~~~~~~~~

My assistant production manager, she has this open house in every CNY. This year was a bit late, as we were all occupied with something.

Right at 6.30pm, to those that were attending, gone in a second (back home getting prepared, went for yoga class, cooking, getting food, shopping).... haha

I stayed back with another colleague, to help our APM. So we went to the nearest Jusco, got all sorts of tidbits, drinks and stuff... Once entered, she asked, do you guys wanna eat cake? We both nodded happily and there she gave me 100 bucks to get cakes!! YAY~~~

And these were what we bought.....

Secret Recipe's Cuppocino Cheese, Expresso Cheese, Marble Cheese, Raspberry Cheese, Yogurt Cheese, Black Forest, Chocolate Fudge, Chocolate Indulgence, Manggo Delight, Tiramisu, White Chocolate Macadamia and Sugar Free Moist Chocolate. What an awesome mixture!!

Looking soooo GREAT isn't it???

We quickly paid for the cakes, food, drinks and stuff and rushed back to her condo in Jalan Ampang...... up on the hill. LOL.

But...................... bad traffic jam!! By the time we reached, it was already 8 something..

My APM 'boiling' sotong balls. haha

It was actually frying. I know, the pot was so not fitting. She used a claypot to fry sotong balls. HAHA

And these cheesey hotdogs.

Guests starting to pile up at 8.30pm....... Which means food adding up!!

Various types of food!

Fried rice, fried meehoon and even yonh tofu!

I didn't get any pictures of us eating and gambling (what? that's CNY right?)... We had 'lami', mah joong, blackjack and in between. All going on at the same time.... 'Grand' right?? haha..

At about 10pm, director Kenne came with her gf... holding a cake from Alexis in her hands!! Woah!! 2 boxes of cakes in a night, and with all those food (we had some other food that I didn't take picture)..... so we kept the Secret Recipe's wonders (ate it as breakfast) and ate this Alexis cake....

Wonderful, they said.

I didn't get to try out that Alexis cake, because I almost couldn't sat down because I was too full. I'm very sure if I sat down, I'd had puked all over. LOL....

We all had fun that night, party ended at 4am++ (yea, next day we all still went to work)... although I left at 11pm. Mom was urging me to go back... sighs.. what to do.. said dangerous to drive alone in the middle of night... No curfew at home, but I think actually it does =.=

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--

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