Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Happy and Special Day

Today, me and my colleagues went to have lunch in this Hong Kong style Cafe in Pandan Indah... I think it was quite a delicious meal... so here it goes....

The special milk tea 'burried' in ice!

This is awesome!! Seafood stonerice. See, still sizzling.

It is at a cafe called "Tsim Tung" (尖东) with reasonable price. :)) And that's the main point. Ha!

When I got back to my office, a man came.

"Ms Jenn ada tak?"

There my colleague intercom me and I went straight upstairs.... and I got this. What a surprise again!!

Chiang Chiang~~ Nice wrapping right??

They were all asking, hey who sent you this huh? Showing me curious and 'suspecting' looks. I was very nervous and curious to know who sent that to me too!! Heart pumping and asking myself... who would it be? Mr right appearing?? Hehe..... (shy.............. :P)

I went back to my place, and unwrapped it.

YAY~~ Wall's Cornetto cones!! Yeeha~~

One of my favourite desserts is ice cream. Hee. These ice creams were given by Wall's Cornetto due to Valentine's Day. During this period, they will give out 100,000 Cornetto cones to the public to celebrate the season of love and friendship!! How good is that!!

So I chose a Cornetto Disc Vanilla for myself. Cheese~~

Later, I went to share the joy with my colleagues.... Luckily I took one and kept it (for mom) [mom I love u mom], because those cones were gone in a second. Not all had the cones. Sorry to those that didn't get one, not enough.

Those that had it................................................................. were...... flattered???

Haha.. So cute posing with the cone.

Hmm... this looked a bit gay. LOL

Haha~ another happy face..

He was shy I guess.

And a couple, that were too shy even to take a picture only. Ha Ha Ha. But overall, all were happy to have a Wall's Cornetto cone during work time. :)) It is always good to share when you can all the people are happy to have what you share with them.

Yummy~~ it tasted so good.

Later at night when I reached home, mom happily ate it right after her dinner. Haha. Another Ice cream lover. "like mother like daughter" :D

For those who do not want to miss the chance to show some love, can join them on 14th February (Saturday) 2-5pm at:

Berjaya TImes Square and One Utama Shoping Centre (Klang Valley)
Gurney Plaza and Jusco Queensbay Mall (Penang)
City Square Plaza and Plaza Angsana (Johor Bahru)

Happy Valentine's Day to all in advance. :D

And of course...............................

Thank you Wall's Cornetto too~~~~

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--

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