Thursday, February 19, 2009

I'm happy that there's miracle and luck

An entry dedicated to a lucky guy (because I blog on a purpose haha)

My LJMU coursemate has come to Malaysia to work, and coincidentally, his office and place to stay is very near to my office.... so we arranged a time for lunch. He knows only Jusco Tmn Maluri, so it's perfect, I asked him to wait me there and I'd bring him to Kim Gary for lunch.

Jenn:" Hello friend! Where are u? I'm here already."

Friend:" Oh! hi Jenn!! Hmm... I'm here in front at this black canyon...."

Jenn:" Alright alright. You wait there, I'll come and get you."


When I got there, I saw him all dressed up. Shirt+slack+vest+shoes (my gosh. so charming~~ too bad I didn't take a pic). And I was in T-shirt+jeans+trekkies (oh my gosh. what a turn off! LOL). He was standing right in front of the RHB bank ATM machine withdrawing money, with a man.... (ooo... he brought a man together... haha)

That man is his boss. Oopps. He didn't join us for lunch, just said hi to me then bye. LOL

Friend:" Do you know how to figure this thing out? You see, I was trying to withdraw money from Maybank at first, it gave me a receipt but the money didn't come out. Do you know is there any hotline or something?"

(He was extremely cool.... applause!! I'd have bursted if that happened to me)

Jenn:" What!! Hmm... let me check..."

I looked here and there. No, I can't find anything. Then we reached the entrance of Kim Gary, went in. Oh!! Met his boss again. LOL what a coincidence. He was with purpose I assumed... hahahaha

Then we sat down, and happily odering food. After that, he told me he wants to go check out how he could solve the problem.


Friend:" I got back my money."

Jenn:" Really?? How??!! (was so happy and excited)"

Friend:" Well, I went back to the ATM machine, and a shoes salesboy told me, someone
left the
money on top of the machine. And the money is really there."

Jenn:" WOW!! You're a lucky man!! How magical that is. Someone left the money there.
And it
had been so long since we ordered the food and stuff. I'm really surprise!!"

So magical isn't it??? At first it was like something very unlucky and in the end it became something magical. La la la~~~~~ Life is full of magical and surprises~~~~

So, we ate our lunch happily~~~

My favourite Japanese Seafood Stonerice.

His set lunch has this dessert (pic below). He asked what was it. And I don't know. So he took a bit, tasted and said............ "it has no taste. I don't know what is it either. LOL"

So, I ate a bit to find it out as well. And........... I couldn't fingured it out what was it too. We just know that the topping is red bean. hahaha... We ate and ate and ate, tried and tried and tried until it was almost finished................... and yet, we still don't know. hahahahaa

Good to meet you again, friend. And you're very lucky!! LOL

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--
so wanting to go overseas


Rachel said...

"he" is Angga?

blueyfetes said...

wah~~~ clap clap clap~~ Pandai wor~~~ LOL

Rachel said...

muahahahaha sure la :P, please send my regard to him!

blueyfetes said...

Haha... I'm surprised again. 1st time to see u so smart. LOL :P :P
OK ok. I will if I see hime again.

Lea Spykerman said...

Me wanna see pic! Handsome???

blueyfetes said...

Haha. To me, he is quite good looking. Hmmm... you can go view my FB to see his pic in the 'year end ball' album :)

阿棗 陳 Zoe said...

i look at de statement den i was guessing also

is this angga??? haha~~~

blueyfetes said...

haha... should I say that's typical him or... my writing skill is good? LOL