Monday, February 2, 2009

I was surprised

It was Saturday, the day that I had longed for... because I'd be meeting my friends that I had not seen for quite a while....

So I dressed up a bit.

And put on a bit make-up.

I went to work (yeah, I have to work half day for every Saturday, sad, I know) before meeting my friends at 1pm. My boss came in at about 10am+... My superior said I must greet my boss, Gong Hei Gong Hei. So I went in.

"knock knock"

"Ah Paul~~~" "Wah~~ you're so dressed up and beautiful today!!" said Paul.

"Haha... I'm going out later... thanks..... Gong Hei Fatt Choy~~~ Happy New Year and healthy always~~"

"Guai. Guai. Here, give you an ang pau, fai gou jiong dai la (grow up fast)~~~"

"doh jie doh jie" (I didn't know what to say besides thank you) LOL.

Did I hear it wrongly?? I am grown enough, and maybe overgrown in some ways... and he wished me grow up fast?? LOL. What a cute boss. And Paul is a Hongky, that was why we speak in cantonese.


1Pm. Time to leave. Bye everyone~~

The weather was bad, raining like cats and dongs and the traffic was bad.

I reached Ivan's place late for an hour+

Hello~~ Happy New Year~~ (no one answered me)

2 mins passed... Hello~~ There only Ivan opened up the door. My cute bunch of friends.

It was supposed to be CNY visiting and gathering, but it turned out to be............................ my belated birthday celebration. HAHAHAHHAAH I thank you all for making all the arrangements and surprises for me. xoxo

Happy birthday to me~ Happy birthday to me~

Made a wish~ uh... not going to tell u

Thanks Ash~ haha... it looks like a cake on fire!!

Thanks Griza, Ivan and Kalai~~

Very nice wrapper ;)

Ta da~~ A Lego apple tree~~ full of pics of friends and myself. xoxo

And a superb artwork by Ivan. Zoe kena dragged in the drawing. haha

We gambled, we chit-chatted, time to say goodby~~ I look forward to the next meeting soon. Thanks guys~~

Next, I went for dinner with Steph, Sean and Esther. Ding-dong-bell-pussy-in-the-well~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ok, Happy court beffet. So here are some pics.

See what we barbequed??

With steamboat too.

Haha.. so many happy faces. Esther's pick.

We were all full till we couldn't walked properly. LOL.

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--


Pork Chop said...

there reason why no one answer the door is because im still busy placing the picture in da apple'frames nicely! lol :P

blueyfetes said...

LOL. I got it all wrong then!! Aiks!! So malu~~~~

Lea Spykerman said...

Eh...where is this Happy Court buffet thingie? Looks nice! I wanna go!

blueyfetes said...

It's next to petronas station. :))