Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My brother's new collection

Nothing much about me recently and I'm not in the mood to write anything related to myself yet. So I'll write about my brother. He has quite many interests in collecting stuff. He collects liquor bottles, miniature liquor, Starbucks' cups and mugs, jigsaw puzzle and recently, stuffed toys.

So here it goes~

This is Cactuar from Final Fantasy~

And this cute lil thing called Moogle. haha

It even has wings!!

I found this funny pic taken by my brother.
Cactuar hitting Moogle. LOL
Moogle's expression is soooo FARNIEEE~

And my favourite Chopper from One Piece!!

His back. So cute~~ :)

And these, his newly framed jigsaw puzzle.
The biggest among all in the middle.
The walls at home are almost full now, I'll get more pics and show here next time ;)

Just a short post for today. Ciao~~~

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--


Pork Chop said...

Cactuar is soooo cute! i remember seeing a lot of puzzles the last time i went you house!

blueyfetes said...

Hahaha... it's even cuter to see my brother holding it. LOL

Ya... these puzzles are seeking for 'walls' to get hung. LOL

mitoprete said...

omieffinggod, where did your bro get the cactuar stuffed toy? I WANT IT BADLY!!! I want I want I want!! Please tell me how do I get it!!! I'm Lesley!!!

blueyfetes said...

LOL Lesley, cool down cool down. You sounded like breathless ady. He bought it from the internet. When I got the address, I send it to u la~~ Cheers.