Sunday, September 20, 2009

My mom is getting cuter

One morning, before I went out to shopping, mom was like a bit excited and telling me how those nasty caterpillars ate her lovely plant.

Mom:" Jenn!! I know why all the leaves of my "fu guai fa" (her plant's name) are gone!! There is caterpillar!"

Jenn:" Yer... is it... so disgusting la... that's what Audrey (cousin sis) liked while she was young. So what did you do to the caterpillar?"

Mom:" Oh, I picked it down and put it in the flower pot."

Jenn:" *LOL* What???!! Why put it back there?? It'll just crawl it back up and eat the leaves then!! You should have just thrown it outside."

Mom:" Is it?? Ok ok, I go see again."

I followed her to her plant. And my assumption was exactly correct! And.... I found not just one caterpillar, but 3!!!! Ewwwwww!! I hate caterpillar actually. They look so hmm... gross?? They'll just give me goosebumps and make my hair stands.

Spot the eerie creature??
Seems so slimy... YUCK!!

I quickly went back into the living room and let mom picked the caterpillars off from her beloved plant. But then..... something funny happened.

She rushed into the kitchen, and came out with a container.

Jenn:" Done with the caterpillars??"

Mom:" Yeah~ (smiling... her eyes were shining)"

Jenn:" What's the container for? Didn't you throw the caterpillars away??"

Mom:" Nope. This container is for the caterpillars."

Jenn:" WHAT!!!!!???? For what???!!"

Mom:" I wanna keep them. (smiled again) I wanna see them turning into butterflies."

And she quickly went outside again. Omigosh!! We're gonna have caterpillars!!

I forced myself to go snap some pics.
They're really eerie.
One big and a small one here.

Then she caught another one.
Now she has 3 caterpillars.
She even put some leaves in it.

Mom:" They love to eat this type of leaves."

Jenn:" Mom, if you want them to become butterflies, you have to put in sticks, so they could hang on them while they're turning into a cocoon."
Mom:" Oh, is it?? Nah, a root for the caterpillars."

She plucked a tiny little root and dumped it into the container. =.=
See the "BIG" root?

She then asked me to put it into the living room. Without anything covering up!! I was like, no way. I'm not going to do so!! I quickly went back into the house.

Later she came in happily with her CATERPILLARS. She covered it with a piece of paper, tied with rubber band and then poked some holes for them to breathe. How attentive!! And put it on the coffee table in the living room. MY GOSH!!!!

Jenn:" You're going to put this here like forever?? You must be kidding me!!"

Mom:" No no no... I'm going to put them by the windows, so they could have nice sunshine."

There.... her 'pets' are 'settled' by the window...

At night, I went to check these creepy creatures......

Jenn:" Mom, they're not moving at all. They're sleeping."

Mom:" Good. Let them sleep, caterpillars gotta sleep too. (LOL) As long as they're still alive, I have no problem." (=.=)

The next day....

Jenn:" Ma.... your caterpillars looked dead...."

Mom:" Not at all! I just fed them with more leaves, and they finished it ALL! Great appetite they have. " (Oh no.... my mom...... is...... HILARIOUS!!!)

I think.... all the dialogues from my mom that I've bold, are classic! Good job mom. You're getting yourself cuter.

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--


阿棗 陳 Zoe said...

walau wee!!!! aunty!!! 'they eat them all.. not die at all...!!!' burst out when seeing this.

blueyfetes said...

She's getting more professional. LOL

Lea Spykerman said...

It'll be so awesome to see them turn into butterflies!!!

blueyfetes said...

hahahaha ~ I'm waiting for that moment only... But seems like mom is running out of leaves to feed them.

Anonymous said...

Great unique story ! Looking forward for the further developments ! :D

Henri J. Poggi

blueyfetes said...

Hahaha~ 2 dead now... left one~

This entry is inspired by mom. LOL

Pork Chop said...

oooh ur new pet! haha

blueyfetes said...

NOT MINE!!! Mom's. LOL

Anyway, she 'killed' all 3 of them already. hahahaha