Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ivan's 23rd bday

It was Ivan's 23rd BIRTHDAY!!!!! The girls and one boy planned for his bday celebration. Thank you all for making all the arrangements and planning. It was really a good fun night :)

We had late dinner at Souled Out before changing the party location to a condo near Hartamas.

First, to get myself a drink. ;)

Salad with prawns~

My fav fried calamari~ ^_^

I love this carbonara :)

Beef pizza~


Actually we also had lamb shank, but no nice picture of it. So I just skipped it.

"Enjoying" my drink~
Zoe's Magarita and Zoe.

Zoe: I just got raped.... OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When the bday boy arrived, first thing to do was put on a hat for him~

Happy bday boy and pretty Ash~

Ivan prepared to chew the bone.

The Marybone lot 32 girls.

Souled Out's style for the bday boy.
The waiter put on a hat, wig and glasses for him.

See, he felt like he's a woman~

Time to sing~ Happy birthday to you~~~~
I looked a bit over excited there. LOL

The girls with Ivan~
Oops, Ash is not in here.

There, Ash is here now.

Everyone was blowing a kiss.
But WHY NOT ME???!!!!

Souled out is creative enough to take a picture of us and printed it out!!
Made a card for Ivan some more. :)

After Souled Out, we headed to Ash's aunt's place nearby to party. It was a very decent place to get all people doing stupid "stunts". I did quite a lot =.=

The pretty photographer~

The pretty girls~

Rachel dear~

I like the arrangement of this pic. :)

Then I made them to show their love to me.
There goes "L.O.V.E".

The game began!!
Shots and ladders.

The truth or dare game began~~~~

I swear we didn't hit Fer's brother.

Dare 1: Rachel had to lick Ash's forehead.

Dare 2: Griza to spank Jenn's bum bum.

Dare 3: Ivan and Fer kissed!!!!
Fer's expression was priceless.

Lost count of dare(s).
I had to lick Ivan's leg. EWWWWW!!
It tasted SALTY!!

After spanking, of course had to sayang back~

Another classic moment.
I had a 'blow job' done by Piek Leng.
She did a great job.

Jenn (crazy frog looking) got bitten by Kalai (craziii hamster)!!

Boobs pressing.
Boink boink~
Fer was proud with his boobs.

I had to carry Ivan.
See!! I kena so many times in this game!!

Pinch Pinch~ pinching each other....

I licked his leng, and he licked my big toe.
It was disgusting to be licked and to lick.

Rachel, Zoe and me headed home at 2.30am. So we said goodbyes and snapped more pics.

Her waist is so nice to hug!!
She's available. *wink wink*

Another priceless expression. LOL

It was really a great fun night! Hope more to come. Let me plan for Genting. Patients!! Patients!!

I was very unhappy and mad at work today... and I don't wanna talk about it. Too long winded and messy. But it was all Winnie the Ding Dong's fault again. AGAIN!!!! I swear I'd shit on her face before I leave AMM.

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--


ashley said...

glad that u'd fun dear!!
chill dear~tat's de working life..but dun bcz of those stupid fella make u down k!is not worth it!!

rmb v're always thr for u!!

xoxo <3

blueyfetes said...

Thanks!!! Ya... idiots and nuts are everywhere~ :)
I know u guys are always there.


Pork Chop said...

i love that last picture of ashley la.. hahaha

ashley said...

tat's de other SIDE of me...ahahaha

blueyfetes said...

LOL. That's classic!!