Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My dogs know how to line up

Yes, this is an entry about my dogs again.... Oh, and a bit of fishes~ And yes, mostly photos and less text.

One morning, when I was about to feed the fish, I saw my dogs lined up.... LOL
It was cute and funny to see them doing so....

Lulu was the first to stay then fat Brown followed.

See. The line was quite straight too.

Then I asked them, what happened guys?? I have no treats in my hands.
And Lulu gave me a look.

Then I took a close up of her.
That innocent face again. *melted*

Fat Brown was dozing off.... LOL funny looking face.

Yay~ fish at home once again.
My brother's friend gave them.

It was raining that day, Lulu....... I don't know what to write.
But I kinda like this pic :)

Was he craving for something??
I don't know.. but when I saw him, his eyes were closed.

That's all. I'd never be bored with their pics, hope you all enjoy too. Ciao~

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--


Anonymous said...

I super enjoyed them ! ;)

Adorable and with a sense for geometry ;)

Also cool goldfish. They will bring so much fortune ! They don't need to worry a cat will snap them, cause no cat is stupid enough to tresspass Lulu and Brownie Territory ! :D

Have a great weekend and week ahead !

Henri J. Poggi

blueyfetes said...

:D Thanks~~~ More beautiful pics coming up soon~~ as I'm going to buy the Panasonic FZ35(38 in Europe) soon!!

Oh yeah, very long time ago, there were cats around, all bitten by them.

You too have a great weekend Henri!!