Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Day out with Mom and Bro

It was on a Saturday, where brother and mom purposely accompanied me to get my long-waiting camera that I want. Mom's knee was quite stiff and pain that day, but she still insisted to tag along. Bro and I had to let her way in.

We reached at 1 Utama first, then we asked mom to sit on the bench near where we going to eat and ask her to wait there. As we're going to walk around between the two wings.

We went to Foto Shangrila, Fotokem, one that I can't remember its name and Foto Suria. Foto Suria's shopkeeper was a fagged which trying to "persuade" me rudely, to buy a Sony don't know what model.

All four camera shops in 1Utama we went, no more stocks. T_T Or perhaps, they didn't even take in the model I want. I just want a Panasonic Lumix FZ35, what's so difficult???

In the end, I bought four cds and bro bought a few movies. Then he brought us to Vietnam Kitchen for lunch.

Nice deco they have there.

Being artistic there.

It's quite a busy restaurant.

Btw, those on the wall are Vietnamese hats.

Mom's "7 precious" 七宝冰.

Bro's Vietnam Coffee.

Mine! Soursop Milk Shake.

Some prawns~

Some ketchup beef~

Some Lotus Roots~

Full~ Full~ It billed at a reasonable price. Affordable. :)

I didn't give up, we left 1 Utama and headed to Cineleisure for the search of my camera. Finally, I found this shop, which has no stock either, but promising that they'd be getting the stock latest by Thursday. So I paid him deposit.

* But on Thursday, he still had not called me yet. On Friday, a worker in the shop finally rang me and told me the bad news. Panasonic doesn't have the stock still, I can get my deposit back or just leave it there until the stock is here. *

I'm still waiting....... :(

I really feel so sad... I've been wanting it, waiting it and when I finally going to buy it, they have no stock. Panasonic!! You really don't have the stock or just trying to create the hype???!!! Some kind of marketing tactics???!!! @#$%^&*



My neighbour's Golden.
Welcoming me home~
:D A girl and a boy~

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--

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