Sunday, October 25, 2009

Mom's 59th birthday

21st Oct was mom's birthday. It was a Wednesday.

Recently, her knee is not that good, aches and sort of cramps are bothering her. She can't walk properly, she said her leg feels very stiff when walking.

So she visits the doctor she used to visit and has acupuncture therapies. The doc advised her to have some herbs soup in the other branch of theirs, which is a restaurant.

A restaurant with theme of healthy. She got discounts voucher for buying the herb soup therapy. So on her birthday, she treat me dinner. ^_^

They served us glasses of refreshing drinks first.
I love the taste of sourish with a little bit sweetness.

The soup for me, taste like "Bak Kut Teh".

Mom's 凉拌面线.
Uh... I don't know what is it called in English.... :P

My Rib Bone Rice set.
It's absolutely tasty!!!
The rice is actually Red Yeast Fried Rice.
The taste is quite radical, you'll either love it or hate it.
I love it :)

It was a good time spending with mom. She insisted to pay and doesn't want me to buy anything for her. In the end, I bought a lipstick for her when I was in 1U yesterday. Hopefully her knee will recover very soon... she has been absent to her choir for a month already. She is also going to Bangkok with me in December, hopefully her knee is fully recovered by then.

Oh, the restaurant is in Bukit Sri Bintang, near SJK (C) Kepong 3. Name is 红曲馆.
More updates soon. Ciao Ciao~

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--


Lea Spykerman said...

I think you mean "Sri Bintang". I've been to the Red Yeast restaurant there (don't know if it's the same one) but the food so-so only lah.

blueyfetes said...

Oh Yayaya!! Thanks for correction. Hahahaha~~~
Hmmm.... this time I went, the food got better, better than last year. :)

Anonymous said...

I hope her knee will get better soon ! I still remember her beating us all by far, climbing up the stairs of Batu Caves :D I sent your Mama a birthday card about 3 weeks ago. But I suppose it got lost somewhwer :( Anyway, I'll tell you what the card was like :)
I was very impressed about your story of Mama keeping 3 caterpillars, to see how they would become butterflies. So I wanted to buy a card with this theme for her birthday. I looked for cards with butterflies, but they were so dull. Of course such a great Mama deserves a quality card ! ;) ( tell her this...I might score points hehe :D ) Just when I was to give up on my idea and wanted to go for another theme, I saw a birthday card with on the cover...A CATERPILLAR !!! I was so stunned that these types of cards even existed. I checked it out opened it and when opening a butterfly would fold itself out, very nice :) It was written(In Dutch, but I translated it): "Some, when getting older...(frontcover with an image of a caterpillar), will become even more beautiful !(When opening the card...) Hope it will turn up one day and otherwise, now you know what the card was like ;)

I wish you all the best and a big hug !

Henri J. Poggi

blueyfetes said...

WOW!!! That's just a nice card, I can imagine that!! You're funny too. Hahahahah... The card hasn't arrived yet though.... She'd be very happy if she knows that. :) I'll tell her about it.

hug hug hug~