Friday, October 23, 2009

First time we cooked in Marybone

After a few days, we settled down and planned for "The Big Saving Plan"!!
How to save our money of course, as we were spending £ (pounds), not Ringgit... T_T

So, we girls (6 all together) in Flat 32, were separated into 2 teams, took turns in preparing dinners. We also had 2 guys from Flat 31, they managed the cleaning of dishes and garbage (they did really good jobs, better than us girls in cleaning @@).

On the forth day in Liverpool, we started our big plan!

Team A- Jane, Rachel and Zoe.

We did not take any pics of the food.... I guess because we're all too hungry and ate everything in just minutes. :D
But I have loads of pictures of the food I ate during the days there. Wait for another blog la~

After we took the first dinner we cooked..........................

We took pictures!!
Take 1. Happy and formal.

Take 2. Getting a bit... hmm... abnormal?? Hahaha

Take 3. A lot messier.

Take 4. Some crazy fellas and a few funny looking peeps.
Guess who's the most piggiest??

Take 5. Theme is "非主流" (non-mainstream)
We're talented, I know. >.<

Take 6. We see our dreams~~ and we're heading to them!!

After dinner and all the shooting moments, it was around 10.30pm already.
I'm lying?? Definitely not.
That's how it looks like during Summer.

That's all for this post. Too little pictures, we were too hungry~ Sorry~~~
Wait for the next! Ciao Ciao~~

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--


阿棗 陳 Zoe said...

What can i say besides 3 8 LOL!!!!!!!!

but very hapi de ler~

blueyfetes said...

Now u're being 38. LOL