Monday, October 5, 2009

Happy Public Holiday!!

During the Raya holiday (but basically I had to work, thinking on the bright side, I had nothing special to do, the double pay was great!!), Zoe and me went to Pavilion for lunch, to celebrate Leo's late bday. It was a Sunday.

On the way to Pavilion, great quiet road (love with without the jam) !!

Not many people yet....

This cafe reminds me of Costa in Abu Dhabi Airport.

Ichiban Boshi, the restaurant we makan in.
The food was good, not too expensive, affordable~

It says "handmade noodles" here...

The sake(s)~

"Studying" the menu. (Looking serious still in this pic)

People starting to pile in~

Showing us the pic he took.

Which made me looking like ghost. Shinning like ghost??
While Zoe...... with flash or without flash also she looks like ghost (a very pretty ghost). :P

The 'jelly' to be lighten later.... for our Sukiyaki~

Ooooo~ nice flame~

Yummy Sukiyaki~

Special request for Leo.
Miso soup~
It was great taste, he's good as an actor.

Specially ordered for the bday boy (or I should say man??) again.
Chawanmushi satu!!!

Gyoza, as he wanted.
He's another typical Virgo.
Wants everything!!

These scallops are D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S!!!!
Each one one, good~~~

Uh... combination of chicken, fish and lamb? Not so sure.
But tasted not bad :)

Sucking Aloe Vera.

And trying another one.
Started to be a little different with the one at work @@

While the girls camwhored, he snapped us.

Then included himself in the picture.
That's the advantage to have long arms. LOL

This is....... beef!!
Love it!!!

I got caught taking a pic of the beef.....

Not too good with the chopsticks.

But still, managed to eat by using them~

Tempura~ ra~ ra~ ra~ ra~ ra~~~~~

Done makan, time for pictures~~~~~~

Uh... how many cameras were there??

Another pic from another cam~

Zoe:" U sit inside, me and Jenn follow".

Leo:" No No No!! I want to be in the middle~ I definitely won't let go this chance."

Jenn+Zoe:" Uh...... ok ok~" (speechless)

Leo:" AHA!!! I feel like I'm a King!!!"

Hmmm..... I wonder why I don't smile showing my teeth anymore....

Uhm.... very slanted eyes here....

Since Zoe said "one more" for the pic, this guy kept repeating "one more" after her.
I couldn't resist to give him a punch.
Evil face I had there.

Can't get what is so funny about???
See this video for urself.

Happy looking guy~

Excited looking guy and girl.
What about me??
Good enough, I showed my teeth :P

At one point, Zoe couldn't take it (the "one more" phrase) anymore and wanted to hit him.

This is a very good picture of you guys. :D

This guai lou like self capture a lot as well.
Good~ welcome to our club of self capture.
Says who self capture is not nice??
See~~~ darn nice I'd say. Hiek!! :D

Even his naughty hands are able to join in.

While we're paying for the feast, Leo struck back the "one more" again.
Our treat for ur bday~
In return, u have to offer accommodation+eat+travel in Aussie~ YAY~~~

After the lunch, Zoe and me were like..... *burp* so full~~~
But we didn't leave it....
Sat down at this place for second round @@

Leo continued with his attack of "one more".
Zoe was like going to be crazy soon~
I was......... lost control!!

He convinced me that SKOL is one great beer.
I've never wanted to drink beer.
But to be honest, this is really good.

As usual, Zoe chose Magarita.

Leo:" More foam or less foam??"

Jenn:" Less."

Leo:" But not too less, it gotta be some foam."

LOL. Okay~~~
See, like so professional (beer pouring boy).

He's showing everything.
Thirsty for beer.

I'm missing SKOL now....

After drinking session in La Bodega, Leo wanted ice cream. He then found out we're on diet. That wasn't a good thing to let him knowing it.

He led us to Galeto and said:" So what can I get for you girls??? No one ever can say no to ice cream~~~"

Of course, we shook our heads saying no thanks.

It wasn't helping.... he bought a cone, with lots of scoops!!! Evil grin from his face when he turned back. Scooping with the tiny spatula in his hand, stuffed the ice cream into our mouths.

You're a devil!! Devil devil devil!! LOL

In his shades, looking so cool.........
but shaping his ice cream with the spatula. @@

To Leo,
Thanks for the drinks. I had a great time, hope you're too. My confession, you're totally a goof ball!! So different with that serious looking Leo at work!! With the specs, frown and quiet, making you so serious. Once u're out from work, you're insane!! Insanely childish, goofy, idiotic and funny!! It was definitely a good fun time. I lost my breath laughing all the way~ Waiting for next outing soon~ :D Cheers~

As a conclusion between me and Zoe, u're definitely a Si Xiao Hai!!

While waiting for the red light.....
No idea what i was doing???
Imagine........ me with a DSLR cam. LOL

So quiet on the street.

Driving home~~~
It was like 10 mins to reach???
I like public holidays~

Missing the "one more" and "he he". Come back soon~~~

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--


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1 MORE!!!! HEHE!!

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