Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Good Food in Singapore

9 days in Singapore, taken too much things that I can't recall them chronologically. >.<

The good this is, I didn't gain weight. I guess it's because I walked a lot. Walked to the MRT station, walked back to the hotel, walked to the office, walked to look for good food, walked in shopping MALLS.............

The pictures of many many types of food begin~~~

This is 出前一丁 bowl noodles... chicken flavour~
I'd say it's very good!!

Peach tea from 满家乐~
$2.20 (can't really remember)

Curry Apple Pork Chop Rice.
From 满家乐 as well.

Mayo added. Yums~

Yam Puff from Han's Cafe.
$2.20 for 2.

Char Siew, Siew Yuk Rice.
Very very delicious!!
I rarely eat these meats, so when I say delicious, you must know it's really good.
I finished everything!!

I know this is not food.
But I just wanna say, the best company of mine in the room :)

Chili Crab Cup Noodles.
$1.10 (can't really remember this too)

No plastic spoon in it.
Couldn't find anything better in the room. LOL

Century egg and chicken porridge.
Good, but a lil bit salty.

Very good business as you can see.

I think soya is the most expensive drinks in Singapore.
$1.20, where kopi selling for $0.70 only.

Below are all from Sakae Sushis.
Met with Teng Seng and we decided to have tea time buffet here.
There are better restaurants, but not open T_T
I'd say they're just so so... nothing special.

Very different from M'sia's nasi lemak.
The long beans is good~
Rice, very rich taste of coconut.

Madam Tan's Nasi Lemak.
Introduced in newspaper.

Old Chang Kee's fried squid.
$1.50 (approx)

And of course the curry puff!
Thumbs upppppp!

2 for $1.40.
I had butter something flavour. LOL
It's very very tasty.
Didn't try it in Paris, went to Singapore and had one?? >.<


This is only 2/3 of the food.
We (6 persons), finished everything.
About $160

Dessert. 拔丝苹果

Wantan Mee. I requested not to add Ketchup :D
$2.50 only~~

Bao Today!
Must go try this!!

Pineapple Pao (菠萝包)and 一碗茶~

Very very good lemon tea!
Rich taste of lemon and tea, but not sugar. :D

Salad Prawn.

Char Siew Pao.

Black sesame pao.

Half Pao! 半个包!
This is a must try!
With salted egg yolk, chicken, mushroom and prawn!!

Ah Balling Peanut Soup~

The best flavour of tang yuan is black sesame.
Peanut one also not bad~

Street of Chinatown.

That's all about food I could share of. :) Hope you enjoy~~
Ciao Ciao~~

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes-


Lea Spykerman said...

Yum! Eh, that chili crab instant noodle is available in Malaysia also lah.

Anonymous said...

Discovery Channel ? Yeah right ;) Aren't you sure that before taking the picture you zapped from the program you were ACTUALLY watching: ' Male Stripper Contest 2009 ' ?

Anyway, GREAT foodpictures. Mouthwatering !!! :)

All the best and my regards to all over there and a special pampering for Lulu ;)

Henri J. Poggi

blueyfetes said...

Lea: Yes! Yum! Oh, I think it is la... cos all the instant noodles are available in M'sia, just that they're too expensive here. >.<

Henri: LOL. What u're talking over there??!! I'm sure I was watching Discovery Channel!! And the one I enjoyed the most is "I was bitten"!! We're all good here, thanks~~ U take care~