Monday, November 23, 2009

Flying to Singapore

Two weeks ago, I was sent to Singapore for a business trip. There was one colleague in Singapore branch on annual leave, so I needed to be there replacing her daily tasks.

Since my uncle, sister and friends are in Singapore, I requested my company to let me fly there 2 days earlier and back to KL 2 days later. So I was there for 9 days, I would say, it was fun!

I was hoping not to exceed the weight limit and I was accurate and lucky ^_^

There was too much turbulence and I got sick.
So I ran into the toilet...... *puke*

Flying to Singapore was less than an hour. So the feeling was like once the plane flew off, in a blink you're landed again. LOL

Once I reached Changi Airport, I got a cab (can claim~~ :D) and went to uncle's place. It just took about 30 mins. Unlike here, from KL to LCCT, takes an HOUR!

It was about 2.30pm when I got there. So I rested, watched mio TV (trying figure why is it so famous since I'm doing translation for it every working day =.=) and took shower.

At around 6pm, we went to Aunty Cherry's house in Pasir Ris Heights, to celebrate Johan (his son) and Jun Arn's (cousin brother) birthday.

My seat. The dining table was nicely decorated.

Spaghetti with meatballs.

The famous ERP from "Money Not Enough"... HAHA!

The next day (8/11/09 Sunday), I went to the office (Bugis) at 6 in the morning to get myself familiar with the system, so that it would be smooth to run everything the next day.

After work, uncle picked me up from work and brought me to church. About 2pm, I met my sis in a building in Orchard Road... Can't remember what it's called.

Then she brought me to VivoCity~ The place where you can catch a cable car to go Sentosa Island.

Walnut Rocky Road from Swensen's.
All thumbs up!!

I just want to eat it again~~
Although it's very fattening.
I hypnotized myself it wasn't fattening. :P

Etude House in Singapore.
More expensive to buy the products there.

Didn't manage to go Night Safari cos no one wanted to go with me :(
Lucky enough I went to The Pet Safari. LOL

Daiso Daiso~
Bought nothing. HAHA

MPH... or is it Page One??

Dinner at RamenTen
Nice chandeliers and wallpaper.

This this this this one was sooooooooo delicious too!!!!

See!! See!! See!!

Curry Chicken Katsu

Left only the shells....

We were so full, we had to walk around.
So we went to Giant, both of us had to stock up some food.
Saw these cute cup noodles for kids.

The YMCA in front of uncle's place.

Back to uncle's place.... so tiring~

Pool side~

That night itself, I went to check-in to the hotel...
So.......... "China".... LOL

These were the statues that made me thought there were people sitting there every morning when I was waiting for the cab.... >.<

Fountain in the lobby

With Koi fish...

I was staying in 7th floor.

Mirror and flowers???? wth

And I got 2 beds in my room...
Room number 714.

It's such an old hotel... creepy to me too.
I didn't off the lights when I went to sleep every night...

The hotel, picture taken from the pedestrian bridge

Overall, the hotel is ok. The location is the best. It's in Newton. Bus stop is just right in front of the hotel and MRT station is just 8 mins walk away. Taking bus, you'll reach Orchard Road in just a few stations. I guess that's the reason why the cheapest room cost $280 a night.

The house keeping is quite good, very clean. But the sheets and beds, I'd say, it's time to change to newer ones. The biggest problem staying in the hotel is sound proofing. Anyone next doors or above or below turns on the tap, I could hear the running noises of water. Ohmigosh!! That's really annoying. Even this noise could be heard, what do you think about phone ringing, people talking, door opens and closes?? Grrrr... that annoyed me the most la.

But lucky that I woke up at 4am every morning, until 10pm the earliest only I got to sleep (lepak here and there). So by the time, I was already very very tired and could fall asleep once my head touched the pillow. LOL.

Ciao for now~ continue again next time~~

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--

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