Monday, November 16, 2009

Our dear Lulu

Sorry for this very late entry. I was away in Singapore (a business trip and also leisure), I wanted to blog, but I had some hard time with the computer. But here I am again, safe and sound back to KL.


Lulu is 13 now, in dogs' age, she's consider very old. You can just times 7 and get her age in human. That's old right??

However, she's still young in her mind. She has better appetite now and eats more than when she was younger. She whines everyday at 5pm to go for a walk. She doesn't know what's the time, but she can tell by looking the sky? Cause I've noticed one day she whined at about 7pm, that day was raining. :) She's just smart as she is.

Recently, we found that there is something wrong with Lulu. She will bang her head to the wall, the gate, dog cage, even on ME! When I give her treats, she can't see it, she will just smell everywhere until she gets the treat. There was once, she was going to her 'toilet', looking for a spot to do her business. She walked and walked and walked, she just went straight to the wall and banged. Poor thing...

Sometimes I find injuries on her nose, face and body... she's hurting herself with all the accidents she has gone through... Mom and I assume there's something wrong with her eyes. So we brought her to the vet.

It has been so long since the time she sat in a car....
So she cuddled next to mom's leg

After seeing the vet, Lulu is tested with cataract in both her eyes. That's the reason why she keeps banging here and there because her eye sight is very very blurry. Poor thing... Awww...
We asked whether any medication could be done for her and the only choice is operation. The operation will cause a few thousands, have to take out her lens and "polish" them. If anything goes wrong, she'll go totally blind and M'sia doesn't have the technology yet to do anything better for her.

So mom and I decided to just let her be how she is. The vet also said, Lulu's lungs and heart are in very good condition. For her age, it is the best thing for her though she can't see clearly now. But it's okay, as long as she's not suffering of anything.

On the way back, I carried her to let her sit on the cushion.
She seemed nervous here.

But later she relaxed.

And cheerful! ^_^

After we got home, we brought Lulu and Brownnie out for a walk.
This was after the walk, she looked so tired but happy.

See how she dragged the leash on the ground... LOL

And this is how she asked to go for a walk everyday. ;)

Both Brownnie and Lulu are getting old everyday. I know they're going to leave us one day and I hope that day would be very long later. I've never separated with them for long, I'm with Lulu since I was 10, with Brownnie since I was 14. I just hope for the very best for them, no sufferings when it's time for them. I love them a lot. ♥ ♥ ♥

Ciao for now~

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--


Anonymous said...

So sweet ! Let's give them our biggest Love, Devotion and many outside Walks !!!

Henri J. Poggi

blueyfetes said...

Yup! When the sun is back Mom and I would! It's raining all day everyday now. >.<