Thursday, November 19, 2009

Visit to Chester

4th of June 2008.

After we settled down in Liverpool for a couple of days, we went for a day trip to Chester. A town nearby Liverpool. It was part of the Summer degree programme for us. They called it as social activity of something.

In the morning, we gathered downstairs Marybone, that's where we're living. The university arranged some double-decker buses as our transport.

Off we went and enjoy!~~

I saw this stall selling roast pig right after we reached Chester.

It's a church if not mistaken. LOL
Chester Cathedral.

The Dean of Chester Cathedral and Capital Bank.

Guess we've found a superwoman...
She's the best street performer!!
Bravo Jane!!

With some sort of monument.
I'm a lousy tourist. :P

Love the blue sky and white clouds.

You get what I mean???


The weather was very good that day.
We got tanned. ^_^

I was in Mc Donald's. :D

I prefer to walk in the shaded part. >.<

Oooo.... a river for canoeing~

And it was darn expensive!
Plus, the river looks like Teh o' ice limau. LOL

It was a sunny day.
Yes, it was considered as sunny in the UK.

City sightseeing bus~

Spotted some cute boys.

And this is their teacher!
Why didn't I get a teacher that willing to dress up like this when I was young??!!

Oops... sengit ady >.<

The flat 32 girls again~~

tired of walking, so we just sat by the street.

It was another fun day I believe... cos I can't remember everything on this day >.<
Memories are getting worse, even Tanakan can't help me?? Oh no!! Maybe I'll have Alzheimer disease in such an early age.... :-S

Bye for now, ciao ciao~~

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--

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