Monday, November 2, 2009

The last happy weekend....

Last week was just like riding a roller coaster and I feel into a deep hollow. I'm in the process of climbing up now, but for the past few weeks, obstacles had been occurring. Even today! Sigh..... Why am I the victim still?? Like salt sprinkled on my wound. T_T

Where's the mercy???!!!!

Remembering the few weeks ago, in a wonderful Saturday.........

On the way to 1U in Zoe's car.
I looked happy, but questions were already in my head....

We first went to eat at this Nippon Yataimura Japanese restaurant.
Saw in Rachel's blog last time.
The cute Civet on the wall. ^_^

Japanese lanterns everywhere.
They remind me of the lantern in Pearl Tea stall. Hahaha~

A row of lamps. =.=

Jenn: Emmm... the noodles I ordered should be tasty~ :)

Why so long????

Still not here...

YAY!! It's here~
This is Prok Mayo Ramen.
I rate..... 4/5. ^_^

Zoe had ramen+rice+gyoza set.

I asked her to give me a hungry expression, ended up an annoyed face.
You failed! *as a poser*

When we asked the bill, we were shocked! Not too expensive, but it's still in a record that it's the cheapest bill in our dining in 1U. You say cheap or not???!!!

Then we retreated to Etude House and Kitschen. Sounds like kitchen only.... hahahahahha~

Magazine cover~

Cover #2

Cover #3. Na na na, don't jia jia then kiss me ar~

Ooo~ I like their big big mirror~

Kitschen is another paradise~ I can get pants/shorts that fit my big hip!! Woot woot!! Yay~~
So.... it's another blood splashing shop =.= I'm dead because of splashing blood in there... vampires should be loving me in there. hahahahah~ I bet Lesley would be jealous by then LOL

We later then went to The Curve! To meet Ra Chel Chel~ So surprised us!!! Or me!!
We went to makan in Paddington House of Pancakes~

See!! These are not "toy bread" selling in pasar malam or Living Cabin you know~
These, these precious buns were baked by Chef Rachel!!
Awesome right?? Names written on it too~~

Zoe and me busy taking the pics, and Chel Chel busy snapping us taking pics >.<

Posing with my buns~

Uh... passion fruit citrus fruity~

Kids bugger!!
This is soooooooooooo DELICIOUS!!
I rate it 4.5/5!

This is called pot of gold~
Not bad too.
Way to eat it: 1 dollar pancake+ice cream+chocolate syrup+marshmallow+maple syrup.

Chel Chel's dessert, it's sinful!!
But we kept telling ourselves while gulping spoonful and spoonful, it's not fattening, it's not fattening~~~

Hehehe... for the sake of fun to take this pic :P

Gigi rosak after consuming too much of sweets~ >.<
Pain pain~~~

I was trying to show the expression of "shock".

Chel Chel~~

The 3 of us :)

The fake nails I bought that day, only RM19.90.

Nice?? Please say yes.
No need to tell me if it's not. LOL

Ho... I've found more make-up accessories for myself.
Am I turning into those Taiwanese girls???
No... I don't want to~~~ No~~~ I don't wanna be "Hei she hui mei mei"
Will introduce the products next time~

And this video, is a prank to my cute mom.
I told her I got my nails done, costing me RM350. LOL
Zoe, you will have a good laugh I bet, since you love aunty so much. Hahahahaha~

It was really a happy weekend. I hope there'll be another one very soon. With all the unhappy problems we encountered, I hope each and everyone of us will get over it real soon. Walk through it, forget the past and focus in the future. At least, I wanna tell you all that I treasure it, I won't do anything to destroy it and I'll try my best to make it back together.

Now we all need is time. May God leads us. Amen.

Ciao ciao for now~

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--


Rachel said...

i smile silly when read the last outing, then feel tearing in your last few sentences. Zoe i'm not sure if you read this but Jenn tells what i though too. May God bless the friendship, Amen.

blueyfetes said...

My mom did a good job right?? *wink wink*
Rach, don't. We've to be strong. :)When I'm down, u'll support me and I know u'll do the same to me. Cheers~

Anonymous said...

Hahaha Great reaction of your mom :D ! " Ha ? ! " Priceless !

And Jennifer, you're on your way up and this time you'll stay up ! Deal ? Deal ! ;)

Henri J. Poggi

blueyfetes said...

Yes!It's definitely priceless~~

Deal~~~ :)