Sunday, June 13, 2010

Happy belated Mothers' Day

On last Mothers' Day, I brought mom to have shabu- shabu. Brother wasn't free to join. So today, it's his time to bring mom and I (tumpang la~) for some nice food. :D

Another flower~
I love how Mr. Z capturing flowers and plants. Look at the colours!!!

Rakuzen@ Desa Park City we all went~

Mickey attempt. Failed.

Uni sushi- RM 20.00 (for one BIJI!!!)
A waste of money but lucky we didn't order a dozen of Uni (sea urchin)!

Salmon sashimi- RM22.00
Not my cup of tea.

Maguro Yamakake- RM12.00
Taste weird to me (white "yogurt" underneath) as I didn't try the raw tuna.

Hotate Isoyaki- RM26.00

Simply awesome!!

Sukiyaki- RM30.00

Beef!! *thumbs up!!*

Dobin Mushi- RM16.00
Some sort like seafood soup. A bit too salty for me.

Agedashi Tofu- RM12.00
Never missed ordering this dish.

I just love this kind of flammable jelly~

Gyuniku Misoyaki- RM28.00
Pinky pinky beef~

Uhm.... so so only... I prefer the beef with Sukiyaki pot.

Spider Maki- RM22.00
A lot bigger portion than the one from Sushi Zanmai!!
*but of course, a lot more expensive too*

Hotate Mentai- RM26.00
Ho ho ho~~~~ superb!!

Macha Ice for me- RM6.00

Goma Ice (Black Sesame) for bro and mom- RM6.00

Total bill, almost RM300 for 3 pax. Thank you koh koh~~~~ ho ho ho~~~~

Mom wanted more ice cream, so we went to this shop that sells imported goods from Japan. She has sweet tooth, always loves desserts.

I saw my favourite Panda biscuits, couldn't resist.

Choco Choco for my koibito and friends~

More Macha Ice!!
Oh, Papico is the most awesomest "juice" I ever had!!

Ok, that's all for this post. Hope I "fed" you well. :P
Tell then~~~ ciao ciao~

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--

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