Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I love 3P!!

One fine afternoon, I got a sms from Chiann Yien. A good one. A bomb. A sms which able to get me so excited and happy. It's been such a long time ago, that I felt like that after reading a sms. :) It's even longer that we've never been on 3P!!

First we went to KLCC.
I was in the car when taking this... No idea why it's sengit >.<

Then saw this interesting man with 10 fingers at Pavilion.

If kena slap the finger prints sure damn yeng one!

Vincci sales.
I didn't see anything I like there, lucky.

When Harajukus meet.....

Stopped at Gelatomio for ice cream.
Black sesame was awesome!! Yum yum~

Cuppochino was..... uh..... made me drunk.

The happy woman with new hat+fav black sesame ice cream.

Happy man with ice cream + uh.... hair that spikes really high??

Dinner's at:

We knew each other long enough, since standard 3. :)

Happy that after so many years, things between us didn't change much.
Although we don't see each other frequently, but the bond is still there. :) Well, at least I think so.

Various type of Chili~

Looking innocent with flower?

Clinching so hard on her glass of Ice Leman Tea. Hahahaha

Don't know what sour plum drink.
Thing to focus: Xiao bo that cucuking the lemon hysterically. hahahaha

Once they served, I knew it's not going to taste good.
And I was correct!

Sweet and sour chicken.
It tastes okay, but the chicken........ CANNOT LAH!

4 beauties. This is good!
People that don't eat brinjal like me, ate one and did not spit out!

Curry vegetable pot.
Not a bad choice at all. :D

Star decoration temp failed. >.<

Like this pic~
*credit to CY*

After Hon Wei took this pic of me, I said:" take again, you shook hands liao~."

But I look like I was in shock in this pic. Hahaha.
I like the blurry one better :P

One more!

Full moon that night.
No wonder it was so wonderful~ :)

I did not really wrote about you guys before. So I'll just take this chance to write. I'm really happy that we went out together, I mean 3 peeps together, once again. It's been so long ago the last time we did, till I forgot when. I thought it might not happen again, but it did. I just can't stop smiling.

CY- I really like the thoughts and time we shared among each other. Spending time with you is so comforting... as I don't have to act and worry about anything. I appreciate the honesty we shared and silly jokes we had. 14 years++ really isn't a short time, I hope our love will just continue to flow forever~ xoxo

HW- I know you not as long as I know CY, but it's long enough to step into the 11th year. You're someone reliable and always be there whenever I need help. I guess you're the bbf I ever had. I treasure you. xoxo

Ok, enough of emo thoughts :P but I meant for every single word that I typed. I'm lucky to have known you guys and we still stay together until today. I LOVE 3P!!!

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--


Anonymous said...

So mouthwatering delicious !!! Food over there RULES :D

ok I feel like going to Fat Kee restaurant now...

Take care !

Henri J. Poggi

blueyfetes said...

Hahaha... come again soon~~

Fat Kee? I don't remember bringing you to Fat Kee, I remember only Tuck Fook.

Anonymous said...

Love your honest remarks & it was a great outing for me as well after so long...

Take care babe!


blueyfetes said...

Glad you think that way too~~ u take care too and let's do something like that again!