Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I get to be the lucky one sometimes...

There would be more pictures than words in this entry.

Sometimes, I get to be very lucky because of the friends I have, and family of course. But this entry, is because of a friend.

Early in the morning, got up and went to Pavilion for this charity screening.

Got free ticket from a friend and the seat was exceptionally nice.
Prince of Persia is a very good movie! Me ♥

After movie, went straight to Genting.
It was too hot in KL, had to runaway for awhile.

Saw this funny man talking when we passed by.

Got "conned" because I thought they're showing the Turtle 4D Vision...
But in the end watched Haunted House instead.

Time for some artsy pics~

I like this for no reason. :)

My Mr.Z did a great job in taking the pictures of flowers...
Made them look like they had been photoshoped.

You get what I mean?
I like cut and paste the flower >.<

Like the contrast of colours~

I think I'd love to take microphotography some day~

White flower~

Oh! Bug spotted!! Snap one first~

Like some monster's mouth >.<


This flower looks really fake here...

Yellow flower~

Misty~ misty~ misty~~ I likey~~~

I had to hold the flower to get a clear picture of it. Strong wind.

Ho ho~~~ very very misty~~~~

Quite dangerous to drive.

I set something to my camera... so this is the effect.
Kinda like it though~

Like the tripod attacking Tom Cruise and Dokota Fanning in War of the World. LMAO!!

I really appreciate for the programs that you've arranged. It was really something nice to do during the long weekend. You're tried hard to make me feel comfortable, happy, excited and satisfied all times. Sorry if my sour face had down turned you... I was just tired for a whole day of outing, I'm old :P Allow me to say thank you once more and I'm lucky to have a friend like you. Hope we're friends forever~~~~~~~ :)

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--

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