Saturday, April 9, 2011

After 1.5 years, we finally met!

Jena, is my ex-colleague. More than 1 year ago, I was working in KL office and she's in Singapore office. We support each other in 2 different locations, as a team for production. We had been talking to meet up, but it didn't happen after 1.5 years. This month, we finally met!

It was such a great time to catch up! We had dinner in Weissbrau (German Bistro and Bar), Pavilion. The food is A-W-E-S-O-M-E !!!

There, this is Jena. Beautiful and sweet Jena.
Also, Miss Amazing! *yes, u're definitely amazing*

One artsy pic of the place.
Love the lamp and rough walls.

Polka Dots~

Fork. Knife. Spoon.

Jena and her Erdinger.

I had Passion fruit Smoothie. Yums~

Sausage combo!
You can choose 2 types of sausages. We chose Emmentaler and Cervelat.
Plus, side dishes Roesti and vege.

Roesti was the bomb!!!

So we ordered another Roesti, the all inclusive Roesti with Onions, Cheese, Bacon and Egg!

It's difficult to tell where's the bacon and onions and cheese.
But, they're definitely in there.

Went crazy.

I'm not lying 'bout the cheese. So look.

Mussels Seaman's Style, with white wine, shallots, garlic and herbs.
The soup is sooooooooo good!
Like Chinese style of pork belly soup.

These are all that I ate.
Jena had only 2. >.<
I'm the mussels queen!

The best bite, all in one. :)
Satisfaction = 10/10

Oh, there was also tomato soup, just that I find the picture is nothing interesting. So I didn't bother to post it up here. The bill came up to RM180.50 but the time we spent is priceless. :)

I'm so glad that we met up. I'm still glad and excited here. Hopefully our next meet up won't be another 1.5 years later. Take care there.

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --

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