Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Happy bithday to See Pin!

It was our beloved See Pin's bday. We celebrated it for her on the 26 March, which was also earth hour. LOL. Her bday celebration always on the same day as earth hour~

It was at the Michelangelo, Solaris Mont Kiara.

Kalai's deco for Pin on each plate on the table.

Look! It's Adam!

Adorable~ :)

Engaging with the wings~
They're provided by the restaurant for the bday girl.

She was so happy and excited~

Was thinking to edit something, but forget it :P

Peach Soda~ I like ♥

The very salty fried calamari.

Caesar Salad!

It has one fancy name... but I forgot.
Once I took 1 sip, it's just mushroom soup anyway~

Very cheesy! So it's super nice!

Another type which I forgot the name as well.

Seafood Spaghetti~

Basil pasta...... I guess.
Looks damn healthy and tastes so healthy too. LOL

Many hearts and chocolates bday got~

Cake time! She got a cheese flavour pig cake!


Very happy with the cake.
Thanks to Ash, she made this on her own!
Awesome not??!!

The baker and the bday girl~

"Natural" lighting.

Me and bday girl~ ♥

This is the best picture of the night.
The bf helped to take picture of the gf with another guy. LOL

They wore matching outfits like it was Valentine's Day~

Cute right? Ash is really good in baking and arts.

Oh! U've got a piggy nose!

Spot the wrinkle. Needs Botox.

Now you see.........

Now you dont~
I heard someone said Oh MJ!
*ehem* He's resting in peace now, pay some respect pls~

Peeping the pressie.

She got a "I love being me" tee.
Now remember that will ya? :)

Carrey and Ash~

Continue playing with the wings. LOL

Long time no see my dear~

Kalai and Carrey~

Me and Kalai~

I took picture of them self- capturing.

Once again, happy birthday!

Ash: Posing like having hi- tea (English style)

2nd round.

This is the place, get 3 pints of Killkenny for RM49 nett.

Good night world~

April is here. I think this month will be full of ups and downs, I will need to be conscious and not to be too emotional. Hopefully it won't fluctuate too much, my heart can't take it!

Have a good week people~

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --

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