Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Villa Samadhi - The best getaway

Villa Samadhi, located in Taman U- Thant which is just minutes away from KLCC and Pavailion. It is surprisingly, quiet with serene atmosphere. You don't even feel like you're in the city center.

Upon arrival, 3-4 friendly staffs will come welcome you at the parking lot and walk you in. I was a bit overwhelmed and felt awkward as I don't get this kind of treatment often!

This is the entrance to the paradise.

Villa no. 9 - The Loft.
Only 1 unit. Special~

The living room~
Love the rocky chairs!

The toilet with 2 sinks!
No need to wait, can brush teeth together~ ^_^

The wonderful shower area.
Rain shower!

And it's connected to the plunge pool!

Toothbrushes wrapped in leaves :)

It's too nice to have such bathroom with big mirror, so must take photo :P

They lit up candles for you after evening.

The room!
Best place to bring your lover.

The dim lighting makes the atmosphere so romantic~

The desk and super cute chair!!

iHome. Remember to load some jazz and slow songs to your iPod.

Dark chocolate for him~

White chocolate for her~

No doors for the room though.
But it's alright, it's meant for 2 people in a unit :P

The satisfied and relaxed face ~ ♥

The plunge pool at night, with candle lighted in the corner.

The exit of shower.

Time to chill, by the pool.

The view. Although blocked by most of the trees, but it's alright.
So quiet and peaceful~

I got blister because of my heels.
When I took off, it had already "burst". *pain*

Belvedere Black Raspberry~
Oh, they have LCD tv, DVD player and Astro.
Also, various red and white wine available~

Good morning~

The blinds.

Day beds by the pool~

A better view.

Blue sky~ good weather.

The pool looks blue too~

Relaxing~ dipping my feet once I got up early in the morning.

Wondering any more rooms up there.


Breakfast time!
I thought only cereals and breads available, so I took Coco Crunch and Cornflakes.

Fresh Apple juice.

The hearty breakfast with watermelon juice.

Butter! So cute~

With the background, the breakfast is even more appetizing.

The place for breakfast.

Very nice view and clean pool.

Can see the loft? :)

It's great service. My stay here was superb with the place and excellent staff. Oh, you can also arrange for pick- up and drop off service with them to/fro nearby shopping malls.

Fyi, The Loft normal price is RM1300/ night. But now, it's RM700 until the 30th April 2011! They have other room types available such as Crib, Luxe Crib and Sarang. Fast! Grab it before the promo ends! You can check out for more information HERE (hotel website) and HERE (Agoda).

Have a good week ahead!

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --

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