Friday, April 1, 2011

The return of......... Zoe!

Zoe, who left to Japan before Chinese New Year, is now back to KL for good because of the earthquake in Japan. Her company "evacuated" her back home.

After 1 week she reached home then only I got to meet her! So busy lo that girl!

Finally, night out at Souled Out, Hartamas. I was there last Friday as well. Think the waiters would soon recognize me. =.=

With Teddy from colleague.

half face only, I shy~ *puke*

Ok, this is one fake pic that can cheat people totally.

Crooked arm~

Ok, enough of vain pictures. They're not good for you. LOL

Chicken Cordon "Blurrrrrrr"

Classic Mojito turned brown.
What mixer they've changed to??!!
But it tasted better! :D

Guiness Lychee Shooters!

I want to have a same profile picture as See Pin also!

That night ended high and "wing"~ hehehehe.... It's fun to drink that way once in awhile, but not every day. :)

The next day, met for luncheon. But, we had dim sum~

Just look at the pictures of dim sum~
I'm lazy to type anymore :P

It's Friday again~~~~ YAY~ Happy April Fool by the way~~~~~~~ Let's find someone to prank aye? ^_^

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --

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