Monday, August 8, 2011

Phi Phi Island day 2 - island hopping!

After climbing all the stairs and steps and steep paths, we headed to our sunset half day island hopping tour. It was THB 250 per person which was cheap, so I didn't even bargain with them.

Before heading out, had to layer my stomach a bit.
Ordered Thai Pancake.

It looks and taste like Roti Canai.

I ordered Banana and Nutella. Delicious!

Street in Phi Phi Island.

A street full of stalls selling souvenirs.

Along the path to the boat.

He got the right spot.

1st stop, water quite deep, with sharp rocks around.

Clear water~

Our long tail boat.

1st time island hopping, got so many injuries.
The scars are still with me until today >.<

Babe sitting on the rock, which is so poky that hurt our butts!

swim swim swim~

The water is very very very salty!!

Second stop, a secluded area where no waves at all!
The water is shallow and very calm! My favourite stop!

canoeing is another famous sports here.

Canoeing tour.

Peaceful~ ♥

Don't misunderstand, this is not splash, it's a school of fish!!

3rd stop, Maya Bay!
The famous beach where The Beach was filmed.

The moment Steph was hit by the long tail boat. Oooopsssss!

So, another one!
I looked like a dwarf next to you! T_T

Sexy! But, the boink behind spoiled the pic a lil.


It's green season now, but still, so many visitors!!

Najib with tattoo. LOL

I'm missing the holiday!

Uhh....... what kind of pose??? =.=

Must take from this angle, only nice :P

Hunk #1~

Plus babe.


With giant rock~
Hunk #2 cleaver to hide :P

The rock is really big.

Poster! Or calender lady??

Hunk #2 joined. Funny!

Photographer is clever to take from this angle :)

Nice clear water.

Now you see.

Now you don't.

Boat man cutting pineapple for us.

This dude on the left smoking weed.

Dead or sleeping? Either one, they looked dead. hahahaha

Sand that soft like flour!

Final stop, boat man fed the fish with pineapples. LOL

Waiting for the sunset.



Weather was not good enough, too cloudy.

No beautiful sunset, but I'm happy enough to experience.

Back to our hotel, found this kitty sleeping soundly. :)

Seafood dinner opposite to our hotel.
Soooo honeymoon!

Take 1, got ghost behind.

Take 2, smiled, but looked damn tired.

Nice environment.

Fried calamari.
We ordered crab, fish, clam and something, but too hungry to take anymore pictures. Hahaha
Bill came, only THB 941!!

After dinner, we walked around again, did some shopping and massage! It was really a good good day! I'm missing this trip already~~~~

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --


Anonymous said...

Is this freen and easy trip ? or U pay for a tour guide ? =) I'm going to Krabi on April. Ur PhiPhi experiences 'tempted' me!!

blueyfetes said...


I didn't pay for tour guide on Phi Phi Island, but I paid for the island hopping tour trip. It cost only THB200-300 depends on the package.