Friday, August 26, 2011

Food trail in Malacca July, 2011

Right after I landed in LCCT from Krabi, I went to Malacca straight away to meet my fellow colleagues! Although it was rather tiring and hectic, I find it exciting and worth it!

When I got to Malacca, was about 10pm, met the folks, we went to Jonker Street and had dim sum some where, nothing special.

So gone back to pig's house, showered, chit-chatted until 4am (or 5am?) then only we slept.

The next morning.....

This is Belle.
Posed like a crazy person with the clown slippers >.<

Looking pale >.<
But happy ^_^

1st stop, Teochew style Bak Kut Teh.
This is yam rice, yummy!

The hot boiling braised pork!

A bit "cooled" down :)
This dish.......... SUPERB!!

The normal soup, but, very delicious too!
Love the rib bones!!

The peeps resting under the tree.

Closer look~

♥ my team!!

The only changes from previous pic is the hands of Belle and Felicia.

Us!! xoxo

Hahahaha.... the 2 crazy fellas

She was trying to blow this thing to make bird chirping sound.

Same posing, "V"!!!

Artsy pic of pig pig~

Sea view.


Awaiting the Millie Crepe~

It's a sign for the Orange Juice.

No comment.

Gula Melaka flavour!

Cheese flavour!

Felicia's strawberry flavour.

Strawberry drink + strawberry cake >.<

Original flavour, the best one!

Please count and see how many layers are there.

Then pig pig brought us to next station to have Coconut shake.
So many people queuing!!

And........... so many coconuts!!

With a scoop of Vanilla ice cream on top~ Yum!!
It's only RM2 !!

Had to take one more because Cammie is very cute. Hahaha

Then pig pig brought us to the beach so that we could walk around, digest all the food that we had taken, then continue to have dinner.

Saw this cute sotong kite, hehe

Colourful :)

Kites!! Which one you like?

Sun is setting.....


Pig pig looks like got mustache in this pic, hahhahaha!

Really quite many kites

Pig pig trying to fly a kite... hahaha

Now Belle joined in.

Cammie chosen a princess kite.


Pig pig likes to smile like Gum Gum Dum Dum LOL

Time to leave, bye bye~

Pig pig brought us to this Kingtu restaurant for satay celup.

Very fresh ingredients they have here.

My favourite "hum" ar~~~

Supposedly we should have another round at Seremban for crab, however, we couldn't eat anymore. So after this, we just went back, straight to KL.

It was such a pleasant trip, it's always in my heart how I spent the time with you all. Truly appreciate it, I love you all.

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --

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