Friday, August 12, 2011

Phi Phi Island day 3 - relaxing stroll by the beach

I like traveling. The whole process is very satisfying. From the beginning where itinerary is being planned, booking hotels, waiting for the departure day to the destination, enjoy the holiday and finally, back home looking through all the pictures, it is a wonderful process that I enjoy very much.

So, the last day on Phi Phi Island, we took it nice and slow.

Breakfast, hunks were still sleeping.

The view again, too beautiful I couldn't hold and had to take the picture of it again.

Look at the sky!

I can sit all day here without doing anything.

After breakfast and the hunks got up, we walked to another side of the beach in Phi Phi Island again, the Loh Dalum Bay.

Quite many people had already waken this time.

The breeze, the scene, the people, all are just perfect.

How it would turn out after 5 years?

The gang.

Don't mind the messy hair, it symbolizes the nice breeze.

Advert for various types of bread. Hahahaha

He's hot!

I wanna lie down.

Me in you.

You in me.

Looking somewhere far far away......

Beautiful girl sunbathing. But it wasn't sunny that day.

Last one.

Headed to a "ship" on the tree to have lunch.

Haha. Happynya~

It's a very cool place.

Babe's the photographer this time.

The funny boss that gave us Longan after we paid :)


Professionalism take 2.

Boss volunteered to snap our pic.

Coconut yogurt milkshake.

Fried calamari, dripped with sour sauce.

Phat Thai.

Tom Yam Soup.

Back to hotel, getting ready to check out.

Again, the Miss Calender.


The busy street. I can't imagine how would it be during peak season >.<


Very nice figures! (especially the lady)

Checking out at hot guys.

Ahhhh~ I'm missing Phi Phi Island already~ When can I go back again???

After checked out of the hotel, we went to take the ferry and got to Krabi town. Next entry would be of............... FOOD and night market!!

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --

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