Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What to do in Krabi Town? Krabi night market!

After an hour and more of ferry ride, we're back to Krabi Town. Took this so called minibus to the hotel for THB 200 for 4 persons.

When we saw the minibus, our jaws dropped.

Hunk #2 looked afraid.

It was so crowded, the room for our legs, was filled with backpacks.

Have to take picture no matter how!

After checked- in to our rooms, we strolled to the night market! Before that, we went to a very nice restaurant for dinner, will get an entry for it soon.


The entrance.

Guess what's this.
Fried chicken skin. Yes, only skin.

some kind of fruits.

Nice soups and candles.
Hunks bought loads from here.

Toys :)

Tattoo stall.

Quail eggs!

The results. Looks so yummy~

I think these are Thai candies.

Cakes! Very colourful~~~

Chicken rice, topped with fried salted egg.

Squids. I bought a THB 30 one! Bigger!

The giant clams!! Very fresh, THB 50 for 1 plate.

The making.

Ta-da~ sausage in it.

I forgot what this called, but, I love it!!
Made of coconut, corn and flour.

Posing with hunk's dessert.
A very yummehhhh type of dessert.

The very nice potatoe!

Hahahaha.... kiddo!
Like got his long-waited toy.

After we ate all those snacks, we went to 7-11. I feel guilty if I don't drink in Thailand. Hahahaha

Got myself a breezer!
Fell in love with it when I was in Liverpool, thanks to the cute bartender :)

A free "shirt" to keep your beer cold.

1st round, not enough.

Snugged under the covers, drank beer, ate chips = bliss.

Truly honeymooners. Hahahaha

So, 2nd round, more beer!
Thanks to babe and hunk #1 for getting them at 7-11.

The next day, we went to the town again. Visited their shopping mall called Vogue and grabbed some light refreshments.

The cute traffic light.


Dessert time! Swensen's!

Nice glasses, till the camera refused to focus on us.


Hunks and me.

Hahaha... he looked like kissing the foam.

Kiddo!! Quick quick quick!! Slurped the foam!

Babe's dessert - Nutty Basket.

Mine! (Waffle Sundae)
Sorry, I made it looks uglier with the chocolate spread so unevenly.

Looking so serious pouring the chocolate. Hahaha

Smiled until eyes so small... hahaha

Ready to eat!

Boarded on the plane, flying back to Malaysia.
Flight was fulled, but same row of my seats, both empty. ^_^

However, weather was bad, with turbulence.
Didn't manage to enjoy the empty seats for long.

Landed! So many people!!! >.<

Went to Setia Alam for dinner and had vege.

Super big portion of Yong Tau Fu!!

After this, got my second trip to Malacca. I'm a hardcore traveler :D

Share more soon!! Have a good week ahead peeps!

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --


Tammy Miu said...

nice sharing on the market food!! :) your waffle don't look ugly lah.. looks delicious right now!

blueyfetes said...

Hi Tammy Miu: Thanks! :)