Friday, January 13, 2012

How we crossed the year

Year 2012, a better year for everyone.

Well, it's a day alone again, but I'm not lonely. I had a good time with some good friends.

First, we went Times Square to have Sakae Sushi.

Mango roll, just average. Yuzu's one is better.

Salmon's skin sushi.

Some salmon which was not consumed by me.

Chawanmushi! My love.

Soft Shell Crab Crepe.

Sakae Salad! Super big portion!

Agedashi Tofu again.

Tori Karaage.

Family picture. Ha ha.

Always made me look look a giant next to these girls.

Woon:" Lift your head!"

But I think it's not bad also~~~

Then we off to Supernova for party. But, road blocked everywhere! Ended up, we reached Supernova only the next year =.=

Sperm spotted!

*It's a balloon*

Past by KLCC, it's really beautiful at night.

Because of the traffic, we watched the fireworks from the car. Hahaha


Jagung~~~~ I love u~~~~


And we partied all the way~~~~~

Mike, look here! Fast! :P

I found more and more kicimais~

Sorry, what's ur name? Solou?

Crashed over at friend's house.
She looked so drunk! LOL

The next morning, Bak Kut Teh for brunch!
Our first meal in the new year~

Dry one.

Food for 3 pax.
We're awesome (not including Ah Pin).

Got home, my friends that are all cleaned and freshened now~

Beautiful skies recently....

I always say, I'm alone, but not lonely. I had a great time with you all~ xoxo

I'm really positive about this year, I'm really feeling good.

Hope same goes to everyone! Happy new year one last time! I mean one last time of wish from me :D

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --

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