Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Louvre Museum

The Louvre Museum, it's the largest museum I've ever been to. If I studied each artifacts closely, I think I'd need to stay in the museum for 3 months. It's really huge and grand. It has 5 levels, the Napoleon Hall where the information counter located; lower ground floor, ground floor, first floor and second floor.

This is one of the mail hall on the floor, where rooms around are placed with many many art pieces and statues.

Many many huge and magnificent statues like this in Louvre Museum.

The Venus De Milo, the goddess of love. :)

Her back.
She has got many fans! All looking for love?

The Winged Victory of Samothrace!

Later, I found more and more peculiar sculptures. I've no idea why ancient artists liked these designs, so I was there trying to find out!

Like this one, first sight, I thought, wow! 2 naked men killing each other?

Then another naked man.
Oh well, maybe they didn't wear clothes that time?

And even more peculiar! A group of men starring their own genitals??
I had to laugh when I saw this.
Sorry :P

The pyramid!
View from inside the museum.

2 more peculiar paintings.

A snake biting your nipple.

And she twisting her nipple?

After reading the information, I still don't get the meaning.
Which is why, I'm not good in arts (theory).

I like this one. Neat work.

In the Egyptian floor.

Then a man poking his own eye. >.<

This looks so scary!
This is the Ebih-Il, Superintendent of Mari.

This is a sculpture dedicated to Ishtar, goddess of love and war.

A series of tiny sculptures~

Very classy.
If only I had a nice camera with me that time~


LOL! That guy on the left looks like he was taking off his shirt.

Mona Lisa! Yes!
But, to my guess, I think it's a replica. It's so valuable, don't think they would show to the public?
Maybe I'm thinking too much.

Jesus Christ. Amen.

All these paintings are so big, the height is about 3 meters?

To show you how big they are, see the ratio of the painting and this girl (thank you Zoe :P)

It's really an interesting place to visit. The pictures I've posted, it's not even 1% of the art pieces in the museum. So we took a map and just went and looked at those famous ones.

Coming up next, tourist spots at night in Paris~ :D

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --


ViNcenT said...

Oh? Travel again?

blueyfetes said...

Very very outdated travel.... Didn't I look different? :D

mr loser said...

We thought the Snake Biting Nipple painting was zany too. The museum is ridiculously awesome, so much stuff. It's funny watching people blow right by Leonardo's Virgin of the Rocks to get to the Mona Lisa. Made me wonder if the curators put it there to test whether people knew what it was. Cheers!