Saturday, January 28, 2012

Oldies night at Queens, Bangsar

Hi peeps! How are the CNY celebration and holiday going so far? Hope everyone is having fun!

Before I begin to share the night at Queens, I'll share with you guys the pics of a random beautiful morning.

Beautiful colours~

Couldn't stop snapping pics.

Brighter and became orangie.

When I needed more red lights, they were on green that day.

Hi Sun!

So after a long working day, went to Pin's house and caught this beautiful sunset.

All set and good music started.

I looked damn fierce! No wonder she's so afraid.

Babe, Anson, babe. LOL

The violent siblings!

Yo! Anson in the house!

The Heineken sign looks like I P/S it there. LOL

I didn't know his pose until I saw the pic. Anson!!!!


Yes la yes la, very slim your face.

Awww..... rose for the gf~~

If you like oldies like Elvis, go to Queens. The band plays lots of oldies, formed by a few uncles, but very very skillful!!! Performing every Thursday, go check it out!!

Ohh!! GONG XI FATT CHAI and Happy CNY!!!

-- Jenn a.k.a blueyfetes --

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