Monday, April 2, 2012

Sunset in Koh Lipe - day 1

Sunset and sunrise are always my preferences. Sunsets, the ending of a day, made me think what a beautiful day it is and life is good. Sunrise, the beginning of a day, it is full of hope and good things await you ahead.

After a dipped in the sea, I saw the sun was setting, quickly, I climbed the stairs, back to our chalet and got my camera, came back at the beach and started taking pictures of the sunset.

Those black "balls" in the sea are actually humans.

Like Mr. Bean going to fall from the sky. Hahaha

Oh! Hello Robinson!

Another naked lady~

Sun set, boatman going home~

A group of tourists just arrived...

Flip-flops, I ♥~ !

The beach has lots of rocks, sharp too!

1st day here, my feet were all cut by these rocks.

Looks like shells of oysters on the rock..

Lesser people... all back to rooms and get ready for dinner~

Love the colours; love the tone.

It was quite cloudy, so couldn't see the "salted egg".

Can you see the yachts?

Dinner! Again, had it at the resort's restaurant.

Yum yum yum~~~

After dinner, we did not do much, headed back to our chalet, watched back to the future and slept. Next day, I woke up at 6am to watch the sunrise! Stay tune~~~

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --


Anonymous said...

Great piks and story. Rob Australia

blueyfetes said...

Thanks Rob! :) more pics to come~

khon Kaen said...

Thanks for the photos. Heading to Koh Lipe in about 5 weeks and am counting the days!.

blueyfetes said...

Khon Kaen, thanks for dropping by~ wish you have a great time in Koh Lipe!