Thursday, April 5, 2012

Koh Lipe Day 2 - Sunrise

Day 2 in Koh Lipe, I woke up at 6am, didn't clean up and headed straight to watch the beautiful sunrise.

The advantage of staying in Mountain Resort, once you came down at the beach, the left to watch sunset and the right to watch sunrise as it is located in between the Sunset Beach and Sunrise Beach.

I was a bit late due to the time zone, was a bit out with the timing.

Sun was rising already, quick!

Lights were still on~

Walked past the Andaman Resort's chalets, arrived at Sunrise Beach..... :)

Comfy breeze, soft sand, ah~~~ life is beautiful, I love mother nature.

Getting brighter~

The extra bright line looks like a rocket flew passed~

In the southern island, you won't be able to watch the sun rising from the horizon.... but still, I feel contented.

No suitable words to describe my feelings... :)

An early boatman~

Watching this alone, brought me peace and comfort... I kept smiling too.

Dead coral spotted!

I was once so longed to have someone next to me watching the sunrise, but it's not bad at all to watch it alone~

New day, new hope.

This looks like sunset somehow...

Ok, 1 last pic of the sunrise for today~

Beautiful clouds~

^_^ Love this shot~

Hello shadow!

Breakfast time!
People commented that the breakfast at Mountain Resort is not nice.
Look at the portion, 'nuf said!

I even got myself 2nd round!

Can see that I like the mee-hoon? :D

After breakkie, we took the golf cart provided by the resort to the walking street.
If you want to walk, it will take 20-30 mins, not so near.

Happy cart'ing~

Big smiles + 1 cool dude behind.

Bare in mind, it's opened from evening till night only, we were here too early. LOL

Pooh's Bar for the Pooh's fans~

Lotus Dive, but it's a makan place?

So hot! 1 coconut please~


Such good atmosphere and environment!
If I ever come here again, I must eat here! Or drink here!

We went to the walking street just to walk around, and we found a local tour there and booked an island hopping tour for the next day.

Then, headed back to snorkel at the private beach!

Happy to see our resort's cart again! Weee~~~~~ :D

These are the family bungalow units~

Love the flowers~

It's all for now, thanks for reading! Adios~

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --

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