Monday, April 16, 2012

Koh Lipe Day 3 - Sunrise again

When I was in Koh Lipe, my lifestyle was so healthy! Slept at 10pm, woke up at 6am and walked to the beach and watched the sunrise :)

Life is beautiful, I love mother nature.

Love the morning beach~

coming out~~

so slow yet so fast.... I'm contradicting.

I was touched ;)

Zoomed in, looks like sunset~

Quite many people by the beach that day...

Lion King! :P

It was a good good day~~~ ♥

When one doesn't own a DSLR... this is how took the shot.

A few more pics of the sunrise~~
I just couldn't stop snapping the pics.
There are more in my camera, I chose only a few!!

Time to go for breakfast!

Hello Jenn!
You're so long~~~

It looked so much better in real.

Good day Koh Lipe!

This is the place where we had breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday~~

7-islands stop snorkeling day!

Last pic of my Zara sunnies! T_T
Either some sharks wearing or beneath some seats in the long tail boat. *wails~~~~

Good weather, super hot!!

I like this shot~ :)

People are leaving~

Then it got too heavy and stuck on the shore.
Some of them had to get down and pushed....
Can you see a man in the middle on the boat?
He was responsible in counting the tempo and cheering for those people pushing... LOL

Waited until my lips grew long...........

YAY~ our boat is here, off to go!

Crystal clear water~

Deep sea~ deep blue sea~ blue blue sky~~

Our tourguide, sea gypsy.
He doesn't speak much as he does not know English, but very kind man.

Find them!
They offered 7-islands snorkeling tour just for THB 500.
Even cheaper than the one I had in Phi Phi Island, just 4 stops THB 300.
This is included with gears, lunch and water!

More detailed post coming up next for the snorkeling trip! Time to sleep now~ nighty night!

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --


Dinamush said...

hi ... which chalet that u stay ?

blueyfetes said...

Hi Dinamush,

I stayed at Mountain Resort, room type: VIP