Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Walking Street Koh Lipe and snorkeling in front of Mountain Resort

In Koh Lipe, there's a street named Walking Street, it's basically the main street of the island. There are restaurants, pubs, travel and souvenirs shop around.

Time to grab lunch!

We went back to Walking Street and had lunch at Khon Lay Thai Food.

This is the place~
not many people around as it was noon time and Walking Street only opens from 7pm onwards.

Ahhhh~~ have a glass of iced tea~~

Thai Fried Rice~

Tom Yam Kung~

The Pineapple Fried Rice that looks so nice~
Looks only, not tastes :P

While having lunch, spotted Cyclops eating ice lolly~

We then took a stroll to the Pataya Beach, the most crowded beach.

Another naked girl. Hahahaha
I'm such a paparazzi~

Varin Beach Resort.

Then, I had my first Thai massage.

If you're lazy to walk, get a taxi like this!

We couldn't find our resort's cart on the way back, so we walked!

Another entrance of our resort.

Then saw this cute lil pup~

Yiiii~~~ so manja~

hehehehe.... miss it.

Got ready and went snorkeling near our resort again~~

Trying out the underwater cam borrowed from Zhu Zhu~

A blue sea cucumber!

Then a group of ikan bilis~

This looks good to be eaten. LOL

Yay~ my wrinkled fingers. hahahaha

This is the most common fish type here~

Just right in front of the resort, the visibility is very good.

so many rocks and sharp too!

Snorkeled till sunset.

I was still soaking in the sea when I took these pics~ :D

Ahhh~~ I'm missing this already~

Bye bye sun~ see you tomorrow~

Happy snorkeling~

The burnt face ^_^


After shower, dinner again at the resort's restaurant~
Lime shake again~~~

Forgot the name, but this is damn good!!!

So much santan!!

Day 2 in Koh Lipe ended happily~ The time when I was there passed really fast. Every moment, every bit, my soul and body were so relaxed.

Everyday took proper meal and slept early, became fatter and healthier too. LOL

Day 3, I went to island hopping trip! Wait for my entry~~


-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --

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